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The 5MP2 series of polypropylene capacitors offers an exclusive combination of physical and electrical characteristics. There are three configurations, three mounting methods, and low ESR/ESL. These metallized polypropylene can be specified with axial leads, radial tabs/low profile, or radial tabs/high profile. Voltage ratings are 400Vdc, 600Vdc, 800Vdc, 1200Vdc, 1600Vdc, and 2000Vdc. Capacitance ranges are 0.47F to 10.0F. They're UL94-VO flame retardant and tested for high-peak current. Electronic Concepts Inc., Eatontown, N.J.

AC/DC Power Distribution Units The SHARPstart line of ac/dc power distribution units (PDUs) integrate standard modular options, offering configurations for power distribution, monitoring, and systems and network control. Available in ac and dc custom designs, they allow for basic remote on/off/reboot. Standard modular options include overcurrent protection, surge suppression, EMI filtering, emergency power off, panel metering, monitoring and remote reset breakers. Spectrum Control, Inc., Fairview, Pa.

Triac-Diac Trigger Alternistor QUADRAC[R] series is an alternative to using a discrete diac with a gated triac. It has a triac and a 33V to 43V diac trigger mounted inside the same package - eliminating the need for snubber networks. It's designed for ac switching and phase control of inductive applications where noise immunity is required. It's gate-controlled for either polarity of main terminal voltage. Current capacities range from 6A subscript rms to 15 subscript Arms with blocking voltage ranges from 400V to 600V. Teccor, Irving, Texas

AC-DC PFC Supply The PFC MegaPAC-XF "High-Power MegaPAC" for high-power applications are field-configurable, switching power supplies that combine power factor corrected ac input with one to four outputs and a maximum of 2400W output. It measures 12.2 in.26.0 in. 23.4 in. and provides more than 10W/in. superscript 3 of power density. Typical applications include automatic test equipment, industrial, EDP, and telecom. Current sharing is available for higher power applications. Vicor Westcor Division, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Ultra-Low Noise Resistors Ultra-low noise resistors are intended for applications where signal to noise ratios are important. Thermal noise is a fact of life - so, there's no need to add noise to the signal. For example, a 2512, 30MW chip resistor has a typical noise level of 19 Db, as measured using MIL-STD-202B Method 308. These resistors are stable with TCRs, 5ppm, VCRs, 0.1 ppm, voltage ratings to 100kV, and values up to 10Teraohms. OhmCraft, Honeoye, N.Y.

Electrochemical Capacitors Type MEC electrochemical capacitors provide high-capacity storage with long service life and very low maintenance. Mallory[R] MEC capacitors are designed to augment existing batteries or replace batteries in high-power applications. Electrochemical capacitors surpass the energy-storage capabilities of any other type of capacitor, offering capacitance as high as 100,000 farads. North American Capacitor Co., Indianapolis

Stepper Motor Driver The 2.5A, CY-45 motor drive has mounting slots that permit vertical or horizontal mounting. This bipolar chopper-type drive works with all 2- and 4-phase step motors in the full-/half-step mode. Motor drive current is programmed to any value up to 2.5A, using a single resistor. The module can be used with power supplies up to 45Vdc. Opto-isolated interface signals for step, direction, and enable are provided. The CY-45 features an efficient switch mode regulator. Dimensions are 3.25 in.2 2.125 in.21.15 in. Cyberpak Company, Downers Grove, Ill.

DC Servo Drive BX15A20 is a brushless dc, trapezoidally commutated, PWM servo amplifier. Commutation is achieved using Hall sensors. This unit is 5.09 in.23.48 in.20.99 in. It's rated at 15A peak, 7.5A continuous output. This version accepts 40Vdc to 190Vdc. They operate in current or velocity mode. Advanced Motion Controls, Camarillo, Calif.

Large Bobbins This new metric range of large bobbins is for use in single-phase and 3-phase applications. From E130 to E1240 and U130 to U1300, the bobbins are manufactured in high-performance engineering polymers and offer improved flange designs, molded winding profiles for increased cooling, and high volume repeatable quality. They're manufactured with criteria required by UL systems, and support a full range of accessories. Miles-Platts Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Digital Megohmmeter Model 1026 is a compact digital megohmmeter. It measures insulation at 250V, 500V, and 1000V to 4000MW. Resistance is measured to 400W. It has a continuity test with audible beeper for resistances under 100W, and a 600Vac-dc range to perform a safety voltage check. AEMC Instruments, Boston

EMC Toroids This series of ferrite toroidal cores has current-compensated chokes to suppress RF noise in EMC applications. Highly permeable MnZn materials are used for the following core types: R 13.3 to R 26 for power line chokes (N 30, T 65, T 35... T 56); .R34 for chokes and filters in industrial applications (T 65). EPCOS, Inc., Iselin, N.J.

SMT Toroidal Chokes A new size surface mount toroidal-core choke measures 8.5 mm26.0 mm2 4.5 mm, in a pick-and-placeable liquid crystal polymer plastic housing. The parts are supplied on carrier-and-reel, suitable for reflow and vapor phase soldering. It's characterized as current compensated chokes with inductance values from 11H to 4700H. They operate from 140C to 125C and are suited for applications such as EMI isolation in switchmode power supplies and other line filtering requirements. Sprague-Goodman Electronics, lnc., Westbury, N.Y.

Power-Disc Inductor The Power-Disc Inductor series has 114 standard values in three sizes with inductance values from 1.0uH to 10,000H and rated currents from 1.4A to 44A. This series features shrink tube outer covering and 1000V Hi-Pot winding to core. Applications include switching regulators, power supplies/amplifiers, and RFI/EMC filtering. Renco Electronics, Inc., Rockledge, Fla.

Film Chip Capacitors New FCN film chips are more stable, won't crack, and withstand solder reflow. Construction is stacked metallized Polyethylene Napthalate (PEN) film that results in a low ESR and excellent high-frequency performance. Capacitance values range from 0.001F to 1.0F, covering standard voltage ratings of 16Vdc, 50Vdc, 100Vdc, and 250Vdc. Standard capacitance tolerances are 55% and 510%. Cornell Dubilier, New Bedford, Mass.

Hipot Tester The 3570D is an ac-dc Hipot with a built in insulation resistance testing function. This provides three-in-one functionality in a mid-range instrument covering ac Hipot, dc Hipot, and insulation resistance (IR). Its IR range features 0Vdc to 1000Vdc, and a measuring range of 1 megohm to 1 gigohm. Tests may be sequenced using set-up memories individually or in any combination so tests run automatically. Associated Research, Inc., Lake Forest, Ill.

SCR & Diode Power Modules The LS4 Single SCR and Diode Modules are new to the POW-R-BLOK[TM] line of devices. UL tested and recognized, the devices are designed for use in applications requiring isolated packaging for rectification or phase control - allowing easy mounting with other components on a common heat sink. The LS41 (single diode module) is rated 8002400V/600A, and the LS43 (single SCR) is 800V to 2200V/500A. They meet high current, single configurations and provide a cost effective solution in an industry standard package. Powerex, Inc., Youngwood, Pa.

Miniature Control Pots Subminiature TP7 and TP9 series control potentiometers and encoders provide design flexibility in a small size. These 7 mm and 9 mm carbon controls for horizontal and vertical applications are ideal for a wide range of low signal and wattage requirements. Design engineers looking for space saving in handheld devices should consider using the TP7 series. They allow up to six controls on single or dual shafts for TP9 and four controls for the TP7. Both series are available in super long life versions, including accessories of detents, taps and SPST rotary, momentary, and push switches. TOCOS, Schaumburg, Ill.

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