Power Electronics


PCB-Mounted Transducer

The HX family of Hall Effect open loop current transducers for small current measurements offers ratings from 3A to 20A. A dual supply ±15V, single supply 12V to 15V, and special version with two isolated primary windings for 5A and 10A ratings are available.
LEM USA Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.
Circle 311

Compact Transformers

The HM33 series of current sense transformers features performance at 250 kHz and above. They're made of a compact ferrite core and offer turns ratios ranging from 1:30 to 1:125 at 10 kHz — minimizing the wattage of the terminating resistor.
BI Technologies, Fullerton, Calif.
Circle 310

IGBT Drive Kit

This product development kit helps users speed up IGBT gate drive designs. It includes samples of hybrid gate drivers, dc-dc converters, prototype p. c. board, and literature. The BG1A Universal High Power and BG2B Universal Dual IGBT module gate driver boards are available for use with the F- and KA-Series IGBT modules.
Powerex Inc., Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 302

1.5A Buck Regulator

The LT1956 is a 500 kHz step-down switching regulator featuring a peak switch current of 1.5A. It's capable of operation with 5.5V to 60V input, and achieves up to 90% efficiency with a low resistance on-chip switch of 0.2W.
Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 312

4A Intelligent Step Motor Drive

The DCB-264 motor drive system integrates a powerful microstepping drive and high-performance programmable indexer with multiple user I/O ports to operate low-inductance step motors from a single supply voltage. Using a bipolar chopper drive circuit with a 20 kHz chopping rate, its voltage range is 24Vdc to 40Vdc and the output current is up to 4A per phase. Programmable hold current prevents excessive motor heating.
Advanced Micro Systems, Nashua, N.H.
Circle 301

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