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Power Supply Management

The SMT4504 power supply management controller, from Summit Microelectronics, combines three of the most essential power-management functions: voltage tracking,supply sequencing and voltage monitoring. This device eliminates the need for external MOSFET switches. Moreover, the controller can track or sequence up to four external dc-dc converter ICs with a programmable sequence ordering and delay times, without the need for any external components.

In addition, when supplies are assigned to the same sequence position, the SMT4504 allows the rails to be tracked at the same or different (ratiometric) slew rate. Available now in a 48-lead TQFP, the SMT4504 is priced at starting at $6.80 each in quantities of 1000.
Summit Microelectronics
San Jose, Calif.


Process Design Kit

Full Service Foundry, the business unit of austriamicrosystems, has introduced HIT-Kit v3.70, an analog/mixed-signal high-performance process design kit for its 0.35-µm and 0.8-µm technologies.

The HIT-Kit improves the time-to-market and the time-to-profit for highly competitive products. It features highly accurate simulation models and flexible p-cells.
austriamicrosystems AG
Unterpremstaetten, Austria


50-A, 60-A Power Modules

Artesyn Technologies has introduced 50-A and 60-A power modules. Offering POLA compatibility, the new PTHxx040W series point-of-load converters from Artesyn are interoperable second-source versions of Texas Instruments' PTHxx family of nonisolated modules, which were announced in May. Measuring just 2.04 in. × 1.04 in., these open-frame converters offer advanced features such as auto-track power sequencing.

The 50-A output PTH12040W converter operates from an 8-V to 14-V input and produces a resistor-programmable 0.8-V to 5.5-V output. The 60-A output PTH04040W works from a 2.95-V to 5.5-V input and delivers a resistor-programmable 0.8-V to 3.6-V output. In OEM quantities of 1000, Artesyn's PTHxxx040W series converters cost $34.50.
Artesyn Technologies
Boca Raton, Fla.


DC-DC Converters

Wall Industries, a member of the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA), announced the release of its DOSA-compatible POL series of dc-dc converters. The converters have two input ranges available from 2.4 V to 5.5 V and 8.3 V to 14 V. Output ranges adjustable from 0.75 V to 5 V via an external resistor. This series is available with output currents of 6 A, 10 A or 16 A and efficiencies of up to 95%.

Available in surface-mount or thru-hole packages, the POL series is priced in OEM quantities at $7.55 to $13.30, depending on the output current.
Wall Industries
Exeter, N.H.


Cam-Action Rotary Switches

Electroswitch announced the availability of Cam-Action Rotary Switches for industrial use. Reliable and versatile, the switches' ratings range from 20 A to 800 A at 600 V, providing up to 12 positions and up to 24 poles. They are ideal for motor loads and feature double-break silver-alloy contacts enclosed in rigid thermoset plastic housing for long life. The cost for the Cam-Action Rotary Switches starts at $60.
Weymouth, Mass.


AC Surge Suppressor/Filter

The Theon INL08000 from 9 Corporation is an ac surge suppressor/filter with ground transient protection designed to safeguard microprocessor-based equipment. This protection device offers true three-line (live-neutral-ground) protection in a 7.87-in. × 3.94-in. × 1.97-in. package. The Theon uses continuous attenuation to filter out interference on the ground line caused by a variety of external influences and power-quality issues.

The Theon is installed or retrofitted into an existing electronic panel within a commercial facility and is offered in hard-wired (INL08000) and line-corded (INL08001, available August 2005) versions.

Units are designed for 120-Vac, 15-A operation. However, a 240-Vac, 10-A version are available on request.
9 Corporation
St.Charles, Ill.


Standby-Power System

From Power-One, the PODS 16 standby-power system is a completely self-contained outdoor power cabinet that provides rectification, system management, power distribution and climate control. The PODS 16 utilizes the power-dense FMP 16.48 rectifier, providing an efficiency of 93.5%.

The PODS 16 operates from a 230-Vac, or a 415-Vac three-phase, input and accommodates up to 10 1.6-kW, 48-V, 32-A rectifiers. These hot-swappable rectifier modules feature input-overvoltage disconnect, output-overvoltage shutdown and thermal protection. Low-volume pricing for typical configurations providing 320 A (48-V systems) is under $4500 each.
Camarillo, Calif.


Digital Megohmmeter

QuadTech's Model 1860 megohmmeter is designed to measure the insulation resistance of components, to measure the leakage resistance on capacitors and for resistivity tests on samples of insulating material. The enhanced LCD display presents measurements in digital and analog format for instant test results. Its standard RS-232C interface makes serial data collection easy and fast.

The price of the Model 1860 megohmmeter is $2995, which includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate and lead set for connecting to the device under test.
Maynard, Mass.


Temp Monitor and Fan Controllers

From Maxim Integrated Products, the MAX6615*/MAX6616 are 1°C accurate, dual-channel temperature monitor and fan controllers. Each new monitor/controller controls the speed of two cooling fans based on the temperatures of either two thermistors or one thermistor and the device's internal temperature. For added flexibility, the MAX6616 features six GPIOs that can be used for setting POR states and controlling VID. The combination of high-accuracy, dual-thermistor inputs and dual PWM fan control makes the MAX6615 and MAX6616 ideal for networking equipment, servers and power supplies.

The MAX6615 is offered in the 16-pin QSOP package, while the MAX6616 is packaged in the 24-pin QSOP. Prices start at $1.75 each in quantities of 2500.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Polypropylene Film Capacitor

SBE has introduced the Type 718P/719P Orange Drop High AC Voltage Polypropylene Capacitor product line. These radial-lead units are rated at 1500 Vac/5000 Vdc, with capacitance values ranging from 0.00056 µF to 0.012 µF and tolerances from ±1% to ±10%.

The 718P/719P utilizes a multiple-section, hybrid design of heavy-gage plain propylene film with extended foil and a floating common of metallized polypropylene film.

Available with either a round or pressed form factor, the price ranges from $0.56 to $1.35 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Barre, Vt.


40-A Quarter Brick

From Delta Electronics, the Q48SX is a 48-V input, single-output, quarter-brick dc-dc converter that delivers up to 40 A of output cur-rent (2 V and below) or 125 W. The Q48SX converter operates from a wide input voltage range of 36 V to 75 V and is available in output voltages of 1.2 V to 5 V.

When tested with no external output capacitors, the typical response is less than 60 mV p-p/30 µs for 100% step load and 35 mV p-p/30 µs for 25% step load (1.5 V and 1.8 V outputs). In quantities of 1000, the Q48SX costs $44.
Delta Electronics
Chungli, Taiwan


Chip Resistor

Designated the RVC Series, these thick film chip resistors from Stackpole Electronics are designed to provide higher voltage handling than standard thick film chip resistors. Available from sizes 0603 to 2512, the RVC Series has limiting element voltage ratings up to 800 V with resistance values from 47 Ω to 51 MΩ in tolerances to 1% with TCRs of ±100 ppm/°C. They are rated for operation from -55°C to 125°C.

Typical applications include power supplies, lighting controls and other high-voltage applications. Pricing for the RVC Series is dependent upon case size and LEV rating. RVC 0603 sells for approximately $0.03 in quantities of 20,000.
Stackpole Electronics
Raleigh, N.C.


600-W Power Supply

Northwest Power Integrations, a subsidiary of Vicor, has introduced the RackGuard RG1202, a 600-W dual input ac and dc rack-mounted power supply. RackGuard is an ac-dc and dc-dc power supply specifically engineered for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, typically used in monitoring and managing power lines.

The RackGuard's ac and dc inputs provide redundant input operation. The ac input is 115/230 Vac autoranging, 50-60 Hz. There are two dc input options: 48 V (38-72 V) or 150 V (105-200 V).

This convection-cooled, rack-mount power supply measures only 17 in. × 9.57 in. × 4.87 in. A fully configured unit is approximately $2900 in small quantities.
Northwest Power Integrations
Milwaukie, Ore.


500-W Power Supply

Phihong USA introduced a 500-W 1-U switching power supply with 1500 Vac output isolation and SELV output for applications such as Power-over-Ethernet, telecommunications, servers and network-redundant power sources. The PSM500-210, available with 48-V or 12-V main outputs and 12-V standby output, operates from an input voltage range of 85 Vac to 265 Vac with active power factor correction and is hotplug n+1 configurable for scaleable and redundant applications.

Typical pricing for the PSM500 is less than $95 in OEM quantities. Lead time is stock to 10 weeks.
Phihong USA
Fremont, Calif.


DC-DC Converters

The dc-dc converters of the WRC30 series from MTM Power Messtechnik Mellenbach are designed for mobile use, particularly railway applications. With an output power of 30 W, the WRC30's battery voltages — 24 V and 36 V +40%/-45% — are covered with the input voltage range of 13.5 V to 50.4 V.

The devices have a high efficiency of 77% and are available with single output voltages of 12 V, 15 V and 24 V. The power supplies with H15 connector can be used in 19-in. racks and are 76 mm × 20 mm × 128 mm. They need no ground load, are short-circuit protected and have extensive monitoring and protection systems.
MTM Power Messtechnik
Mellenbach GmbH


15-W DC-DC Converter

TRACOPOWER launches the THD-15 series, a new generation of isolated, high-performance dc-dc converters with 15-W output power. These modules are fully encapsulated with dimensions of only 1 in. × 1 in. × 0.4 in. and conform to the industry standard pin assignments of the common 1-in. × 2-in. platform.

The THD15 Series offers input ranges of 18 V to 36 V or 36 V to 75 V with single outputs of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and 15 V and dual output models with ±12 V and ±15 V. Standard pricing offered as low as $24 each for 1000-piece quantities.
Zurich, Switzerland


Power Supply Controller

Intersil's ISL6232 is a system power supply controller for notebook computers. The ISL6232 is a high-efficiency, quad-output controller optimized for converting battery, wall adapter or network dc input voltage into system supply voltages required for portable applications.

The ISL6232 includes two PWM controllers generating 0.8-V to 5.5-V outputs. It also features 5-V and 3.3-V always-linear regulators with up to 100-mA output current. The ISL6232 uses constant frequency current mode PWM control with out-of-phase operation for reducing the input ripple current and addressing the ESR requirement of the input capacitors. It has quiescent power dissipation as low as 3.5 mW.

ISL6232 is available now in a 28-lead, RoHS-compliant QSOP package. Pricing in 1000-unit quantities is $3 each.
Palm Bay, Fla.


Power Supplies

V-Infinity's family of convection-cooled, 120-W, 1-U high switching power supplies are now RoHS compliant. Exact dimensions of the VSUU-120 u-frame series measure 3.2 in. × 5 in. × 1.54 in., while the open PCB VSBU-120 series measures 3 in. × 5 in. × 1.28 in. All models feature PFC.

Voltage outputs range from 3 Vdc to 50 Vdc on 11 different single-output models. In addition, V-Infinity also offers seven dual output and 18 triple output models. OEM pricing starts at $43 per unit.
Beaverton, Ore.


Surface-Mount Fuse

An RoHS-compliant device, the UMT 250 SMD fuse from Schurter features a breaking capacity of 200 A at 250 Vac, 277 Vac or 100 A at 125 Vdc over a current range of 315 mA to 4 A. Measuring 10 mm × 3 mm × 3 mm, the fuse can replace popular axial or radial leaded through-hole fuses.

It provides similar performance to — but occupies 80% less volume than — a typical microfuse or 5-mm × 20-mm cartridge fuse. The UMT 250 is solder-immersion compatible according to IEC 60068-2-58. In addition, the fuse meets IEC 60127-4 and its equivalent UL 248-14. Pricing is $0.56 each in quantities of 100.
Santa Rosa, Calif.


3-mm Trimmers

The G32 series of subminiature 3-mm surface-mount single-turn cermet trimmers from Tocos provide either gold-plated J-hook or gull-wing terminal configurations. These trimmers meet the EIS, EIAJ, IPS, VRCI standard SMD footprint and comply with the RoHS directives.

The G32 series has a resistance range of 50 Ω to 2 MΩ. Additionally, these trimmers specify a CRV of 2%, a TCR of ±100 ppm/°C and a 100-turn life cycle. Pricing is $0.54 in quantity.
Schaumburg, Ill.


320-W AC-DC Supply

From Astrodyne, the SP-320 series of ac-dc switching power supplies with PFC deliver 320 W of output. All models accept an 85-Vac to 265-Vac input, provide active power factor correction to a 0.98 power factor, and are available with single, dual, and triple outputs from 5 Vdc to 48 Vdc.

These 8.6-in. × 4.6-in. × 2-in. units are fully enclosed and have screw terminal input and output connections. DIN rail mounts are available as an option. Other features include soft-start, EMI filtering, power-good LED and output adjustment potentiometer. In OEM quantities, pricing is $79.
Taunton, Mass.


Benchtop Power Supplies

B&K Precision has introduced three models of high-power regulated benchtop dc power supplies. Operating from 115 Vac, these supplies produce variable outputs ranging from 0 Vdc to 32 Vdc at up to 30 A (Model 1794), 0 Vdc to 64 Vdc at up to 15 A (Model 1795), 0 Vdc to 16 Vdc at up to 50 A (Model 1796).

Features include constant voltage or constant current operation, remote programming, facility for presetting the output voltage and max load current limits, separate dc output on/off switch, and remote sensing. Units measure 19 in. × 5.25 in. ×25 in., weigh 62 lb, and are suitable for benchtop or rackmount applications. Pricing is $1655.
B&K Precision
Yorba Linda, Calif.


Supervisors with EEPROM

Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT1320/21 (32K) and CAT1640/41 (64K) supervisors support reliable operation for microcontroller-based systems during power-up, power-down and all transitional power events.

The CAT1320/21 and CAT1640/41 product families feature a 64-byte page write operation for the serial EEPROM, and is cascadable for up to eight devices on the same I2C bus. Both devices provide a 200-ms reset time-out during power-up and power-down, during which writing to the EEPROM is disabled, eliminating the possibility of data corruption.

The CAT1640/41 and CAT1320/21 are available in 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP and 8-pad TDFN packages; pricing in 1000-piece quantities is $1.07 each for the CAT1640/41 and $0.99 each for the CAT1320/21.
Catalyst Semiconductor
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Buck Building Block

International Rectifier's iPOWIR iP2003A is an optimized power “building block” solution for high current, multiphase synchronous buck converters with a 3V to 13.2V input voltage range. The iP2003A integrates silicon and passive components into a single, compact LGA package. The integrated silicon includes a synchronous gate driver, high side and low side power MOSFETs, and a synchronous Schottky rectifier for reduced deadtime losses. The device is capable of 1-MHz operation with an output current rating of 40 A continuous with no derating up to a 100°C case temperature.

Together with a multiphase PWM controller, a four phase converter using four iP2003A devices can deliver 160 A output current with a 55% board space savings versus an equivalent solution using thermally-enhanced SO-8 power MOSFETs. An external PWM controller, input plus output capacitors, and output inductors are the only additional components required to realize a complete solution. The iP2003ATR is priced starting at $7.95 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, CA


Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

From AVX, the LD series of multi-layer ceramic capacitors are designed to meet the needs of military and aerospace customers by offering tin-lead solder terminations, with 5% lead minimum. The LD Series is ideal for military products, missiles, guidance systems, communication and radar equipment, and space products such as satellites, rockets and rovers.

Available in sizes from 0402 to 0612, the LD Series offers voltages ranging from 6.3 V to 500 V. Pricing for the LD Series ranges from $0.01 to $0.50 in volume.
Myrtle Beach, SC


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