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Circuit Protection Catalog

This 112-page circuit protection catalog lists currently available hydraulic/magnetic circuit protection and ground-fault products (from 0.1A to 700A), available constructions, associated accessories, applicable regulatory safety agency approvals, and electrical/mechanical tables and specifications. It's also useful for understanding the many technical design requirements and regulatory-agency approval aspects of hydraulic/magnetic current sensing and ground-fault detecting technologies.
Carling Technologies Inc., Plainville, Conn.
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One-Piece Cores

Quiet CUBE one-piece surface-mount soft ferrite cores feature Quiet i technology for increased reliability in high current applications. They offer a high energy storage capacity and current-handling capabilities up to 40A for operation at frequencies up to 1 MHz. Applications include cellular telephones, dc-dc converters, automotive electronics, and voltage regulator modules used with next-generation microprocessors. Footprints range from 6.6 mm × 3 mm to 6.6 mm × 5 mm.
MMG, Munich, Germany
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Multi-Output Switcher

The 600W ZC Series of multi-output, switching power supplies has a 1.6-in. profile to meet 1U requirements, five outputs, and is a configurable power supply capable of producing 234 different output combinations. By setting internal DIP switches, the switcher can meet almost any combination of output voltages and currents.
XPiQ Inc., Holliston, Mass.
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DC-DC Boost Converters

The FX5545G006 and FX5545G106 FunctionPAK synchronous dc-dc boost converters provide high power density of over 380W per cubic in. in a 0.58 in. × 0.48 in. footprint and a very low maximum height profile of 0.12 in. Designed to stabilize rechargeable battery outputs, shift dc voltage levels, filter noise, and reduce ripple in power supplies for end products, they let designers use a variety of battery configurations and chemistries to power multiple loads for power amplifiers, microcontrollers, FPGAs, or baseband logic ICs.
Vishay, Malvern, Pa.
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The TPS61042 white LED driver and TPS61045 LCD boost converter control brightness and improve light quality in portable applications. With a 1.8V to 6V input range and output voltages up to 28V, the TPS61042 drives up to eight white LEDs with a constant current pulsed by applying a PWM signal with a frequency range of 100 Hz to 50 kHz to a control pin. Current can be set with an external sense resistor.
Texas Instruments, Dallas
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EDLC Capacitors

The BestCap (Battery Energy Saving Technology Capacitor) Series of electrochemical supercapacitors offers superior high power pulse characteristics. Standard voltage specifications are 3.5V, 5.5V, 7V, 9V, and 12V, with available capacitance values between 22mµ and 560mµ. ESR values range from 350mΩ to 25mΩ and maximum leakage current from 5µA to 40µA. Package options include footprints of 28 mm × 17 mm and 48 mm × 30 mm with a low profile down to 2.1 mm in height.
AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C.
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75W DC-DC Converters

The 75W PowerWatt Series of dc-dc converters feature a new heat sink option. State-of-the-art interfacing and potting materials are used to minimize the thermal resistance from the multilayer PCB to the anodized aluminum heat sink. This “HS” series offers the benefits of the original open-frame design with an added 20°C higher operating temperature and 25 dB lower radiated noise level. The package size of the converter with heat sink measures 1.4 in. × 2.3 in × 0.75 in. while maintaining an industry standard pinout.
Beta Dyne, Bridgewater, Mass.
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Resettable Fuses

The MF-R/600 600V overcurrent protection products are designed to protect telecom networks. They consist of two base models, the MF-R015/600 and MF-R016/600, which have operating currents with Ihold values of 150mA to 160mA, respectively. They are available in numerous variations, such as narrow and binned resistance ranges for line balancing and longer lead lengths to facilitate board layout.
Bourns Inc., Riverside, Calif.
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High Density Brick

The APC 500 Series of high density dc-dc “brick”-sized (4.6 in. × 2.4 in. × 0.5 in) converters delivers 500W output power from a single output, yielding a power density of 90W per cubic inch for space-sensitive OEM designs. It integrates the power transformer, input, and output inductors on the same ferrite core for space and cost efficiency using a simple 3-piece snap-together bobbin. It also places the windings on a bobbin outside the core where they can be thermally attached to the insulated metal substrate.
Advanced Power Converters, Hampshire, U.K.
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Multi-output Power Supply

The HP6 Multiple-Output Power Supply Series features a modular, hot swap design that supports high-availability computer and data storage applications where up-time is critical. It provides 600W of multiple output regulated power in a compact design with up to five outputs, including a 5Vdc, 1A independent standby output. It can configure up to 80A from the regulated outputs at output voltages from 0.8V to 12V. Active current sharing is available on all four outputs.
Magnetek Inc., Chatsworth, Calif.
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High-Performance Switches

MightyMUX ISL43120, ISL43121, and ISL43122 ICs high-performance single-supply dual SPST analog switches come in a tiny 8-lead SOT-23 package, and the ISL43210 IC is a single SPDT analog switch in a 6-lead SOT-23 package. Designed for low-voltage portable applications, they provide 3V performance. ISL43120has two normally open switches, ISL43121 has two normally closed switches, and ISL43122 has one of each, offering optional SPDT functionality.
Intersil Corp., Milpitas, Calif.
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Power Supply Controller

The LX1676 VRM power supply controller reduces components to cut costs for applications using AMD Mobile Athlon processors. Featuring LoadSHARE and Transient Correction Loop technologies, it minimizes capacitors and eliminates current sense resistors. The Transient Correction Loop corrects for both positive and negative transients. The two constant frequency voltage-mode PWM switching regulator stages are configured as a single biphase high current output core supply. Current output greater than 25A is generated by LoadSHARE.
Microsemi Corp., Irvine, Calif.
Circle 309 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Temperature Switch

The MAX6687 integrates a remote-junction and local temperature switch in a single microMAX package. It has ±1.5°C (max) local temperature accuracy and ±3°C (max) remote temperature accuracy. An external P-N junction serves as a sensing element to measure the remote temperature. The local temperature switch has a pin-programmable temperature threshold settable in 5°C increments. Two trip threshold temperature ranges, 40°C to 80°C and 75°C to 115°C, with hysteresis for local and remote thresholds at 5°C.
Maxim, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 308 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Li-Ion Battery Charger

The LTC4054 single-cell linear Li-ion battery charger with on-board charge termination circuitry and power transistor is housed in a 5-lead 1-mm high SOT-23 ThinSOT package. It delivers up to 800mA charge current without requiring an external transistor. It requires no sense resistor, blocking diode, or charge termination control circuit, allowing a complete design to fit in just 18 mm2 board area.
Linear Technology Corp. Milpitas, Calif.
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30W Power Supply

The 30W RKW series operates at full power in ambient temperatures from-10°C to 50°C, with no forced air-cooling requirement. It also offers universal ac input, compliance to FCC Class B and EN 55022-B standards for conducted and radiated emissions, and overvoltage/overcurrent protection. DIN-Rail mounting is easily done with an optional kit.
Kepco Inc., Flushing, N.Y.
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Multiple Integrated Chips

Multiple integrated chips are available in POWERSEM ECO-PAC 1 and ECO-PAC 2 module packages. Offering low profile, compact design, and complete economical system solutions, they use a standard height of 9 mm. All circuit configurations in their products lines are combinable on the same printed circuit board. These small, thermally efficient mini circuit modules can be used as single devices in series or parallel, replacing SOT 227, TO-247 discrete modules as well as older standard dual multiple chip modules traditionally supplied by various competitors. They support currents from 6A to 230A and voltages up to 1800V in off-the-shelf versions.
Lectron Industries Inc., Union, N.J.
Circle 305 freeproductinfo.net/pet

GCT/Gate Driver Pair

This gate controlled turn-off Thyristor (GCT) and gate driver pair incorporate an asymmetrical GCT that's manufactured from a single, 6-in. diameter silicon wafer. The GCT unit is rated at 6,000V, with a turn off current capability of 6,000A. Suitable for use in medium-voltage ac drives and inverters for high-voltage utility power system, they're ideal for high reliability applications that require many on/off power cycles.
Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 307 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Half-brick DC-DC Converters

The PowerQor Tera Series delivers high output power at 26V (250W) and 18V (165W). Using synchronous rectification and a patented topology to achieve efficiencies of 92% at full load, it has a 48V nominal input (35V to 75V range) and meets input voltage transient requirements up to 100V for 100ms. It has a footprint of 2.4 in. × 2.3 in. × 0.43 in., and the pin out configuration. The 18V output half-brick unit delivers 165W (9.2A) in an open frame, no heat sink package, or optional baseplated version. The 26V output module comes in a single board design with an attached baseplate.
SynQor, Hudson, Mass.
Circle 318 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Nonisolated DC-DC Converters

The Austin Lynx Series of 12V input nonisolated dc-dc converters lets electronic engineers minimize board space while seeking to power the latest low-voltage components. It's designed to support intermediate bus voltage applications in distributed power architectures and power the latest generation of computers, telecommunications, and networking equipment. Available in SIP and SMT versions, it features the same pinouts and options as the Austin Lynx series. It's available with output voltages of 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V, 1V and 0.9V, and maximum output current capability of 10A.
Tyco Electronics, Dallas
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DC Voltage Rotary Fans

Series FBA and FBK fans come in 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 92 mm, and 120 mm sizes. With noise levels as low as 21 dBA, they cool with RPM levels as high as 9500 and maximum air flow levels as high as 114.7CFM. Operating voltages include 5V, 12V, and 24V and have the UL, TUV, and CSA international approvals (with the exception of the 40 mm size).
Cornell Dubilier, Liberty, S.C.
Circle 316 freeproductinfo.net/pet

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