Power Electronics

New Products

DC-DC Converters

DualQor® Giga Series quarter-bricks deliver 15A amps of total output current on each rail simultaneously, without a heatsink. They also feature a very low profile (8.5 mm) and industry-standard footprint and pin out. Operating from a wide input voltage of 35V to 75V, they offer output voltage combinations of 3.3/2.5V, 3.3/1.8V, 3.3/1.5V and 3.3/1.2V.
SynQor, Hudson, Mass.
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These 12 new 20V VDS/20V VGS power MOSFETs are offered in the thermally enhanced PowerPAK and D2PAK and conventional DPAK packages. They minimize conduction and switching losses for increased efficiency in 20V server and desktop core dc-to-dc conversion applications. Their rating provides additional headroom in 12V systems.
Siliconix Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.
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High-Power Networks

These custom high power resistor networks use thin film on aluminum nitride. The circuits provide the flexibility needed to meet today's high density, high power, low TCR, close thermal tracking, and high stability requirements for microwave and other microelectronic applications.
State of the Art Inc., State College, Pa.
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Transient Voltage Suppressors

The MultiGuard® Series of transient voltage suppressors (TVS) are available in 0405 2-element, 0508 2-and 4-element, and 0612 4-element case sizes. They provide bidirectional ESD protection, EMI attenuation, and subnanosecond response time. Available in standard working voltages of 5.6V, 9V, 14V, and 18V with 0.1 joule energy ratings, they're rated for operation from -55°C to 125°C.
AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C.
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BGA Socket/Adapter Systems

The BGA socket/adapter systems fit 0.8 mm, 1 mm, and .050-in. grid footprints. They're used for socketing BGA devices and interconnecting circuit boards. All pins and sockets are precision-machined brass and plated gold, and press-fit into every mating socket is a beryllium copper, gold plated “3-finger” contact.
Mill-Max, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
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Off-Line UPS

The PowerSure PST is an off-line UPS, available in two sizes — 350VA or 500VA — it features a minimum of 3 min of battery backup at full load, integrated surge protection and data line protection. It's Microsoft certified for Windows 2000 and XP systems and Apple Computer certified for Macintosh OS X.
Liebert, Columbus, Ohio
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Heat-Shrinkable Splices/Terminals

DuraSeal heat-shrinkable splices and terminals insulate and protect electrical connections from mechanical abuse, wire pullout, and abrasion. Sealed against water, salt spray, and debris, they're available configurations include butt splices, fork terminals, ring terminals, push-on terminals, tabs, pins and bullet terminals.
Raychem, Harrisburg, Pa.
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