Power Electronics


Electronic Fuse Guide

This 136-page technical fuse design guide features information on basic fuse operation, application, and selection criteria for engineers. It includes specifications for surface-mount, axial, and radial leaded p. c. board fuses; ferrule-type and automotive-blade fuses; and accessories such as fuse clips, holders, and blocks. Specification charts include voltage and interrupting rating, resistance range, typical melt, and voltage drop. Other information includes electrical approvals, environmental operating data, dimensions, land pattern, soldering methods, and ordering instructions.
Cooper Electronic Technologies, Boynton Beach, Fla.
Circle 362

Power Supply Standards

This standards document provides an overview of the safety arena to help reduce product development time. It explains subjects such as choosing a certification partner, the certification process, the inspection process for certification, and any special reports that can help with international certifications.
Ault Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.
Circle 363

Short Form Catalog

This 350-page Short Form catalog, SFC 2001, outlines specifications for all current product offerings. The information is arranged by input products, control and distribution, switch, and output devices and includes mechanical drawings for all package types. It's a valuable reference source for power supply and power management system engineers.
International Rectifier, El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 365

EC&M Books

PRIMEDIA's Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Books published eight new books based on understanding National Electrical Code (NEC) rules. With 35 years experience in the electrical industry, the author of the series, John Paschal, P.E., simplifies, explains, and provides reasons for the 2002 Code requirements. The series contains books on the Code and these following subjects: Grounding and Bonding; Motors and Motor Controls; Transformers; Hazardous Locations; Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs; Medium-Voltage Power Systems; Lighting; Emergency & Standby Power Systems; and Grounding and Bonding. This series is available November 2001 through January 2002.
EC&M Books, Overland Park, Kan.
Circle 361

Ferrites Catalog

The Innovations in Power Materials catalog provides details about new ferrite materials. Power material N92 pushes the limits in saturation, meeting the demand for increased output currents and making it possible to increase the rated current of output chokes by 25%, and losses at 100°C, compared to the standard high-performance power material N87. N97 provides low power dissipation, enabling the design of transformers with high power density. The improved power material N49 meets the rising performance requirements of dc-dc converters. At 500 kHz, 50 mT, 100 kHz, losses reduce by 30% and saturation at 100°C increases by 10%.
EPCOS Inc., Iselin, N.J.
Circle 364

Electronic Parts Catalog

The new 2001-2002 electronics parts catalog offers thousands of new products, more brand name manufacturers, and unique customer services. This expanded product section in Catalog 119 showcases 16,000 new products and 25 new manufacturers. It's bold revamped look includes category-specific tab dividers — making product look-up easier. The catalog also introduces new services to new and existing customers, such as ProductFind, which locates hard-to-find electronic products for customers using its vast sourcing network of millions of parts.
Newark Electronics, Chicago
Circle 366

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