Power Electronics


Thermal Cutoffs Catalog

The 20-page MICROTEMP® Thermal Cutoffs product catalog features a full range of thermal cutoffs that protect against overheating by interrupting the electrical circuit when operating temperatures exceed their rated temperature. It describes temperature and package configurations, along with application, installation, calibration, and test procedure descriptions. The catalog features product descriptions, technical data, specifications, and line drawings for the thermal cutoffs — also known as thermal fuses, thermal links, or TCOs.
Atlantic Components, Woburn, Mass.
Circle 362

Guide To Supercapacitors

This 22-page guide to aerogel super-capacitors aids design engineers in properly selecting and using supercapacitors. It includes design considerations for selecting PowerStor aerogel super-capacitors; methods for measuring capacitors, inflow current, internal resistance, and ESR; supercapacitor balancing; and the design of battery-aerogel capacitor hybrid systems for high pulse power requirements.
Cooper Electronic Technologies, Boynton Beach, Fla.
Circle 361

Surge Protection Brochure

This surge protection brochure explains the prevention of costly electrical surges on manufacturing facilities. Without proper protection, surges can cause data loss, downtime, and damage to variable speed drives, PLCs, sensitive motors, and other electronic equipment. Also discussed are the benefits of surge protection devices (SPDs), and the differences between SPDs and UPS systems.
Current Technology Inc.,
Irving, Texas

Circle 364

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