Power Electronics


Thick Film Brochure This product guide for thick film on steel technology highlights the benefits and features of this company's product. The brochure focuses on the high-temperature performance of thick film on steel and its flexible design. This technology is capable of operation up to 400C with a power density of 100W/cm superscript 2 and offers a flexible design that can be welded, formed, and molded for a variety of functions. The brochure describes multiple applications, including small appliances, motor control, water heating, automotive and resistive. IRC, Inc. Boone, N.C.

Variable Transformer Guide This 16-page product guide to variable transformers and electrical connectors is available from the manufacturer of POWERSTAT[R] variable transformers, 5-WAY binding posts and SUPERCON[R] electrical connectors. The condensed guide is a useful reference for designers and other concerned with selecting these frequently specified components. Superior Electric, Bristol, Conn.

Manufacturing Newsletter The September 2000 issue of Empfasis, the National Electronic Manufacturing Center of Excellence and EMPF publication, covers subjects of interest to power electronics engineers. (EMPF is the Navy's National Center of Excellence dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in electronics and increasing productivity in electronics manufacturing.) The newsletter includes articles on conductive adhesives, customized training, thermoelectric modules, and micro package reliability. The newsletter also discusses dispensing, which covers bonding, sealing, filling, encapsulating, and solder pasting of components. For more information, contact the publisher at (610) 362-1200. American Competitiveness Institute, Philadelphia

Packaging Products Catalog This revised and expanded catalog gives detailed specifications and performance characteristics of hundreds of silicon electronic packaging components. Included are elastomeric connectors that offer low resistance, high conductivity and high density; thermal management materials in sheets, rolls, die-cuts, pads, sleeves, gels, extrusions, and moldings; EMI-RFI shielding materials in die-cut gaskets, sheets, and rolls. In a large, separate section, it provides engineering and installation guidelines for products. Fujipoly America Corp., Kenilworth, N.J.

Drive Systems CD-ROM/Brochure This free drive systems CD-ROM and brochure is a convenient and comprehensive information source for industry application experience. It helps users better understand drive systems and how to implement a total, integrated drive systems solution. It also provides an overview of how drive systems are applied to many vertical industries. Supplementing the CD-ROM is a four-page brochure that describes drive systems. Rockwell Automation, Mequon, Wis.

Book of Electrical Information This 18th edition of the Book of Electrical Information is a convenient, pocket-sized reference for electrical definitions, data, formulas, product information, and essential tables and charts. The Book has long been a trusted resource for industry professionals requiring a broad range of electrical information and application data. Though small in size, it offers an extensive amount of information, commonly required by electrical professionals in the field. Ferraz Shawmut, Newburyport, Mass.

Test Equipment Catalog This 96-page, full-color catalog for 2001 includes IC testers, programmable power supplies, cable testers, environmental instruments, and a full line of accessories. This new product line catalog is available for downloading at bkprecision.com or any authorized distributor. B&K Precision, Placentia, Calif.

Electrical Wiring Devices Catalog This new 52-page catalog of electrical wiring devices provides descriptions and specifications for 15A, 20A, 30A, and 50A connectors, plugs, receptacles flanged inlets and outlets, as well as a new line of dc devices and raintight covers. Marinco Industrial Group, Napa, Calif.

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