Power Electronics


VRLA Battery Formation

This guide to VRLA battery formation details the characteristics of valve regulated lead acid batteries. It includes jar formation, technical and theoretical background, and battery and separator design. Also included are VRLA gel batteries, formation equipment, battery monitoring, and product testing.
Digatron Firing Circuits, Shelton, Conn.
Circle 362

Analog Products Brochure

This brochure highlights the features, advantages, and applications of IC introductions, including dc-dc boost converters, LED driver ICs, Class D audio amplifier solutions, and video signal-handling products. You'll also find UMOS trench MOSFETs, high cell density MOSFETs, fourth generation bipolar transistors, and Schottky and varactor diodes.
Zetex, Hauppauge, N.Y.
Circle 366

Test Equipment Guide

This 12-page, color reference guide lists the company's line of test equipment for power electronics engineers. Included are electrical safety test instruments, LCR meters, transformer test systems, megohmmeters and insulation resistance meters, and milliohmmeters. The guide features the 6000 series of safety analyzers for medical devices and appliances.
QuadTech, Maynard, Mass.
Circle 365

Chip Fuse Data Sheet

This two-page data sheet describes the 0603FA series of fast-acting Chip fuses. These fuses don't burn or char when used in applications of high temperature environments because they are printed on a ceramic substrate and encapsulated with glass. They feature thick and thin film technology, a solder-free design that provides excellent temperature and pulse cycling capabilities without degrading the fuse element.
Cooper Electronic Tech., Boynton Beach, Fla.
Circle 361

Circuit Protection Databook

The new 2002 expanded edition of the Circuit Protection Databook includes information on more than 30 new parts. This 350-page book presents application, product, and technical data on circuit protection devices including PolySwitch resettable devices, SiBar® thyristor surge protectors, and protected power switches. Also available are detailed sections on overcurrent and overvoltage protection with descriptions of how these devices are used in specific applications.
Tyco Electronics, Menlo Park, Calif.
Circle 364

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