Power Electronics


Test Equipment Guide A 12-page, color reference guide lists the company's line of test equipment for power electronics engineers. Included are electrical safety test instruments, LCR meters, transformer test systems, megohmmeters and insulation resistance meters, and milliohmmeters. The guide features the 6000 series of safety analyzers for medical devices and appliances. QuadTech Maynard, Mass.

Power Electronics Test Equipment A 130-page, color catalog describes semiconductor test equipment for optoelectronic, test and measurement instruments, industrial computers and power electronics. Included are test equipment for switching power supplies, electronic loads and programmable ac power sources and battery chargers. Chroma ATE, Irvine, Calif.

AC Power Sources and Frequency Converters A new short form brochure details the ac power sources and frequency converters. New products are a manual controller for the AMX and ASX Series ac sources. The ASX is available in 500VA to 12,000VA models single or three phase. Pacific Power Source, Inc. Huntington Beach, Calif.

EMI Shielding Handbook This 230-page handbook includes a detailed presentation of EMI theory with illustrations of common shielding applications. The EMI Shielding Engineering Handbook is an essential reference manual and product catalog of shielding materials and basic EMI theory for design engineers and procurement managers alike. Chomerics, Div. of Parker Hannifin, Woburn, Mass.

Aerospace Interconnect Brochure This six-page brochure titled Interconnect Solutions For Aerospace highlights the AMP and MICRODOT product offerings with specific application in aerospace. The brochure is an effective tool to reference the connectors and cable assemblies. Besides descriptions of standard products, like ARINC 404, 600 and 628 connectors, the brochure highlights value-added cable assemblies, and other MIL qualified interconnect products. Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa.

High Power Resistors Ceramic resistors with power handling capability from 0.1W to 1000W are listed in this new 60-page catalog. The devices can be used in applications from dc to 40 GHz. The resistors are fabricated using non-toxic, environmentally safe aluminum nitride substances in an ISO 9001 registered facility. American Technical Ceramics Huntington Station, N.Y.

Electrical Safety Testing Guide The Operators Guide to Electrical Product Safety Testing is now in its ninth printing. A resource on properly performing electrical safety tests, it's for manufacturers of electrical and electronic products, testing labs, and those that service and repair electrical products. Associated Research, Inc., Lake Forest, Ill.

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