Power Electronics

Murata Buys Panasonic Electronic Devices' MLCC Business

Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd. has purchased the multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) business from Panasonic Electronic Devices (PED). This acquisition increases Murata's international competitiveness in the MLCC market, as the company will acquire PEDs' technology, distributors, and customers.

“PED is a respected supplier of MLCCs in the North American market and beyond so this purchase furthers Murata's goal of providing diverse, advanced, and cost effective solutions,” said John Denslinger, executive vice president for sales and marketing for Murata Electronics North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

“Combining Murata's technical leadership, cutting-edge products and broad range of services with PED demonstrates that Murata continues to place a high value on customer satisfaction.”

Murata will work cooperatively with PED to ensure a smooth transfer of not only technology, distributors, and customers but sales, patents, and some facilities by January 2010.

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