Power Electronics

Low-Profile PCB Connectors

THE POWERMOD PSX pc-board power connectors are offered as 30% smaller than comparable products. The connectors fit applications where board space is at a premium, such as power connections to embedded ac-dc power supplies or board-to-board connections in servers, storage enclosures, and communications equipment.

The POWERMOD PSX features power contacts rated to 60 A and signal contacts rated to 1 A, and is available in either power and signal versions or power-only models to provide power distribution and control in a single body. Power/signal connectors offer 80 signal contacts and either 2 or 4 power contacts, while power-only connectors are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-contact configurations. Both versions are offered in male vertical and right-angle configurations, and a vertical female configuration to support coplanar, backplane, or mezzanine connections.
Anderson Power Products
Sterling, MA


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