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Kentucky, Argonne to Help Build Domestic Battery Industry

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, the University of Kentucky (UK) and the University of Louisville (U of L) are partnering with Argonne National Laboratory to establish a national Battery Manufacturing R&D Center to help develop and deploy a domestic supply of advanced battery technologies for vehicle applications that will aid in securing U.S. energy independence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help strengthen the economy.

The center's major goals would be to support the development of a viable U.S. battery manufacturing industry; make it easier for federal labs, universities, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users to collaborate; develop advanced manufacturing technology to reduce advanced battery production costs; and accelerate the commercialization of technologies developed at national laboratories and universities.

The formation of a national Battery Manufacturing R&D Center has been endorsed by Ford Motor Co. as well as battery manufacturers, including those in the National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacturer.

The center will be located in central Kentucky to leverage the expertise and research facilities at the UK and the U of L. Complementary R&D capabilities and facilities also will be located at Argonne.

The center may be eligible to receive funding from the Commonwealth of Kentucky through bonds, research tax credits and other incentives programs for future spinoff companies. The Kentucky universities will contribute land, buildings, donor funds, R&D grants funds and “Bucks-for-Brains” researchers. Argonne and Kentucky also will pursue other funding opportunities.

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