Power Electronics

Intermediate Bus Converters Employ Low-Loss Design

CUI INC expands its Novum product line to include a roadmap for high-density intermediate bus converters based on their proprietary Solus Power Topology. Initial products in the lab are achieving power densities over 20% higher than leading intermediate bus converters on the market along with industry-leading efficiencies.

CUI entered into an exclusive Field of Use Agreement with California Power Research Inc to license Solus Power Topology, then known as BPS-5, in March 2010. The advanced topology leads to a significant reduction in switching losses within PWM circuits, allowing for improved energy efficiency, faster transient response, and increased power density across a range of dc-dc applications. Samples of CUI's first product incorporating Solus begin in Q2, followed by a general release in Q3.

CUI Inc.
Tualatin, OR


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