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Fusion Bolsters Anti-Counterfeit Protection With High-Tech Quality Lab

TO FURTHER PROTECT AGAINST the increasing volume of counterfeit electronic components entering into the supply chain, Fusion — a global independent distributor of electronic components — has invested heavily in a new Anti-Counterfeit Screening and Analysis Laboratory. The lab — the most advanced among independent distributors — enables Fusion to conduct destructive and non-destructive screening and analysis, supplementing its rigorous quality and inspection processes already in place.

In its ongoing efforts to protect customers and thwart counterfeiters, Fusion has employed anti-counterfeit screening equipment and procedures within each of its worldwide Quality Hubs, all of which are ANSI ESD 20.20-certified.

Inspections conducted at all of the Quality Hubs are conducted by IDEA-certified inspectors only. Among the new equipment in the lab are:

  • Real-time X-Ray imaging system
  • Decapsulation Machine to expose the interior of the chips
  • High-power (2,000x) Optical Microscopy that allows for observation of parts under both light- and dark-field contrast

The new lab's screening and analysis capabilities supplement rigorous quality and inspection processes Fusion already has in place, including:

  • Highest Global Sourcing Standards: Five-phase vendor verification process; vendor rating system; and site audits
  • 21-Point Receiving Inspection Process: components are documented; meticulously audited; stored in a climate-controlled, ESD-compliant warehouse
  • Counterfeit Avoidance Program: 100% traceability using database comparisons and manufacturer specifications; certified inspectors; $10 million errors and omissions insurance; monthly quality roundtable process
  • Global Logistics: worldwide, world-class shipping; established and documented procedures for packing/shipping; notification upon receipt of product
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