Power Electronics

Fixed Frequency PWM Controllers Target Energy-Saving Electronic Apps

ON SEMICONDUCTOR has expanded its portfolio of ac-dc power solutions for home electronics with introduction of the NCP1234 and NCP1236 family of fixed frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) current mode controllers. These solutions target ac-dc adapter applications for laptop/notebook computers, LCD displays, printers and household consumer electronics, in applications connecting to the smart grid and various home electronics applications.

The NCP1234 and NCP1236 family allows high performance offline power supplies to be designed into systems, while minimizing the footprint and board space area required. Utilizing a high voltage process technology, they integrate features such as over-power compensation, brownout (NCP1236 only) and ramp compensation, without increasing power dissipation or adding external components. High voltage Dynamic Self-Supply (DSS) technology enables direct connection to the line voltage, eliminating the need for startup resistors. This technology, combined with the controllers' ability to decrease frequency at light loads before entering skip mode, ensures maximum efficiency across the entire load range.

ON Semiconductor
Phoenix, AZ


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