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MICROSEMI CORPORATION announced a family of highly integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) ICs for developing more energy-efficient IP phones and cameras, WLAN access points and other powered devices (PDs). Microsemi's PD70x0x family of Energy-Efficient PoE (EEPoE) front-end PD ICs enables PDs to receive up to 51 watts of power over all four pairs of standard Ethernet network cabling used to carry data.

“We have leveraged our PoE experience plus our long heritage in power electronics to create highly integrated PD solutions that support the full range of PD powering requirements,” said Paul Pickle, Senior Vice President of Microsemi's Integrated Circuit Group. “These solutions enable the same energy-efficient four-pair powering that has been proven in our solutions for Power Sourcing Equipment, and reduce the size, cost and complexity of next-generation energy-efficient PDs.”

The IC Features support for four-pair powering in a single IC with built-in PWM controller, enabling PDs to receive a full 51 watts of power while reducing cable losses by over 50 percent. A 25Kohm input signature resistor disconnection, eliminates up to 0.13W of constant power dissipation.

A 0.6-ohm worst-case isolating switch, reduces power dissipation up to 40 percent compared to alternative solutions. The IC also The IC also has a Low Power Mode and exclusiv Port Fail Warning indication, which allows customers to perform an orderly PD shutdown in case power from the PSE is lost.

Microsemi offers four PD70x0x versions including Type 1 and Type 2 solutions. Each device is sampling now and will enter volume production in the third quarter of 2011.

Pricing ranges from $1.07 per unit for the PD70100 in 5,000-piece quantities to $1.81 per unit for the PD70201 in quantities of 10,000.

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