Power Electronics

EDITORIAL announcement

Professor R. D. Middlebrook (page 47) always introduced his colleague Dr. Slobodan Cuk, with whom he had built the Power Electronics Group at Caltech, to new audiences like this: “I tell ‘Slobo’ that something is impossible to solve and he goes and does it anyway.” Starting with this issue, we will publish a series of announcements and articles under the headline:

“Impossible” Converter Solutions of Dr. Cuk

The first of the series will be “Genuine Bridgeless PFC Converter.”*

Removal of the full-bridge rectifier from PFC Converters has long been elusive. Shown is the simplified schematic of the Genuine Bridgeless PFC converter operating directly from the AC line, which has only three switches: controlling switch S and two diodes. All the components are utilized for both positive and negative parts of the AC line to provide ultra-high efficiency, small size, and low-cost PFC.

A full-length article will follow in June 2010 issue.

*(Patents Pending)

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