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AVX SMT Capacitors Go Lead-Free

AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C., recently announced it will convert its commercial line of surface-mount tantalum capacitors to lead-free technology during the first helf of 2003. This conversion involves changing the termination from Tin/Lead (SnPb) to 100% Tin (Sn).

The pure tin termination is fully compatible with standard SnPb solders and lead-free solders. The lead-free components can be assembled with existing mounting equipment and production solders with no changes in solderability or quality of the joint.

The lead-free program is the result of three years of development by the AVX Technical Team. AVX has also developed a comprehensive technical data sheet on the lead-free termination comparisons to guide design engineers through this transition.

The change will cover the company's commercial TAJ, TPS, and THJ Series of SMT capacitors. Military products and special order commercial products will be available with tin/lead solder terminations.

For more information, visit AVX on the Web at www.avxcorp.com.

December Component Order Index Dips

Electronic component orders dipped slightly in December, representing a shortened business period due to the holidays, according to the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association (ECA). ECA's 12-month order average maintained the flat trend prevalent throughout 2002, offering little indication of what's in store for this year.

“Many manufacturing companies and their customers took a good part of December off as the industry ended 2002 much the same way it ended 2001 — looking forward to better times,” said ECA President Bob Willis. “The first quarter of 2003 appears to be more of the same, but there are signs that things are picking up; the CES was a real winner and consumer optimism remains high with interest in new technologies grabbing headlines.”

An upsurge in user demand could spur growth in the electronic components industry, which is still strapped by low unit pricing that results in flat revenues even as unit sales increase.

For more information, visit the Web at www.ec-central.org.

Selco Products Co. Consolidates Facility

Selco Products Co. has consolidated its two 10,000 sq ft facilities from Orange and Los Alamitos, Calif. to a 50,000 sq ft site in Anaheim, Calif. The new site combines sales, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing functions into one location while providing extensive new automation capabilities for improved lead time and product quality.

The new site features ESD flooring, full lab, testing calibrating, and value-added capabilities to produce the company's standard and custom electronic control products. The company also supplies thermostats, thermistors, photo cells, knobs, and digital and analog panel meters used in applications such as dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, solar heaters, HVAC, and vending machines.

For more information, visit www.selcoproducts.com.

Fairchild Adds Search Tool to Web Site

Fairchild Semiconductor, South Portland, Maine, recently added an online search tool that instantly provides product availability information from the company's distributor network. The Distributor Stock Check tool searches Fairchild's portfolio of power discrete, analog and mixed signal, interface and logic, and optoelectronics products, locating distribution sources available for immediate delivery.

Using the cross-referencing inventory search tool, you can visit www.fairchildsemi.com to determine product availability by using a search function located at the top of each Web page. Or, you can submit a full or partial product name into the search field on the Distributor Stock Check page. You can also can click on any hyperlinked product name appearing on product folder Web pages.

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