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Flanged Pin-in-Paste Overcomes Drawbacks of SMT Converters

To overcome drawbacks associated with surface-mount dc-dc converters, Hudson, Mass.-based SynQor has developed an alternative that combines the benefits of through-hole and SMT modules. Called flanged pin-in-paste (FPiP), it's aimed at dc-dc converters that must handle high currents. For smaller packages with lower currents (<20A), traditional SMT construction is often the most logical solution, according to SynQor. For these product families, SynQor will be offering industry standard SMT pin outs, footprint, and tape feeding options. For higher current, it has developed the FPiP alternative to provide a consistent solder joint for better mechanical strength and higher reliable electrical performance. Featuring the option of pick-and-place or hand placement, FPiP also allows easier repair.

By applying additional solder paste in the screen print process and then inserting the flanged pin unit, the module can be reflowed with all other SMT components on-board. It provides a true surface-mount area to adhere to the load board, and its capillary action flows solder down the pin to present a tight uniform solder joint while eliminating voids.

For additional information, visit SynQor at www.synqor.com.

Intelligent Controller Manages Six DC-DC Converter Voltages

With the proliferation of multiple voltages on a single p.c. board, it's critical to monitor, sequence, and control these voltages accurately. With this goal, Summit Microelectronics, Campbell, Calif., has developed a 6-channel power supply controller. The SMM665 implements closed-loop active dc output control technique to control the output levels of up to six bricks or dc-dc converters, and intelligently maintains the output voltages of these six converters with accuracy down to 0.2%. It also sequences the power supplies and provides margining function. Consequently, it monitors, controls, sequences, and margins up to six supplies from 0.3V to 5.5V, with 1.25V reference voltage. In addition to monitoring the six supply channels, it monitors VDD, 12V input, two general-purpose analog inputs, and the internal temperature sensor using a 10-bit ADC.

For more information, visit www.summitmicro.com

DC-DC Module Uses Latest Industry Footprint

Stockholm, Sweden-based Ericsson Power Modules' PKM-C family of dc-dc modules is designed for the new high-current demand in distributed power architectures. Complying with the de-facto, quarter-brick standard, the first module in the family, PKM4118GC PINB, uses an enhanced footprint called “Double-P” to improve thermal behavior, which contributes to better reliability of end-users' host equipments.

The Double-P footprint incorporates two extra power pins, so the maximum current per pin is below 50A — with a preference for a maximum of 40A. This project has been undertaken in close collaboration with other dc-dc module manufacturers, resulting in multiple sources and a new reference standard.

The extra power pins offer better distribution of current from the dc-dc module to the end-user board. Weak solder joints are less likely, due to the aforementioned complexity of the process when assembling heavy copper multilayer boards and high current dc-dc modules. Also, the design improves the thermal coupling between dc-dc converter and motherboard, and overall efficiency is improved due to lower parasitic resistance because of interconnections. Overall, the design contributes to long-term reliability due to better cooling and lower operating temperatures, which, in turn, lowers the operational cost.

For more information, visit the Web at www.ericsson.com.

APT and Infineon Reach Agreement

Advanced Power Technology (APT), Bend, Ore., recently reached an agreement with Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, a long-term strategic partner, for purchase of COOLMOS® Power MOSFET die for packaging and selling of finish products under the APT brand name. APT intends to sell into market segments not covered by Infineon Technologies AG, mainly using alternative packaging and innovative engineering to serve those market segments.

For more information, visit APT's Web site at www.advancedpower.com.

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