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Semiconductor Sales Increase in November 2001

Worldwide sales of semiconductors in November rose to $10.60 billion, a month-to-month increase of 1.6% from $10.44 billion in October — making this the second month in a row with sequential growth.

“Our forecast released in November calls fourth quarter sales to be 4.7% higher than the third quarter and with two months of data now in, we are on target to meet that projection,” says George Scalise, SIA president. “Personal computers, wireless communications, consumer products and automotive continue to fuel semiconductor sales and lead the industry out of its year long recession.”

Compared to October 2001, November sales in the European market increased 5.3%, and the Asian Pacific market grew 2.5%. Sales in the Americas were nearly flat and Japan was down slightly at 1%.

Sun Shines on Washington's Largest Solar PV System

Schott Applied Power Corp. (SAPC) announces the completion of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Washington State. SAPC installed the 23kW solar electric system at the Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center (PSELC) on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

PSELC chose SAPC to design, supply, and install the system. The roof-mounted PV system produces enough power to run the Learning Center building, allowing PSELC to meet its goal of sustainability. SAPC also provided their state-of-the-art data acquisition and monitoring package. The software and hardware-based package enables the Learning Center to graphically monitor its system's solar energy production and incorporate the data into its learning programs.

For more information, contact Mary Shaffner Schott, Phone: (202) 939-0819; Fax: (202) 939-0960; E-mail: [email protected]; Web site: www.schottappliedpower.com.

U.S. Air Force Contracts for Large Motor Drives

ABB won a $29 million order from the U.S. Air Force for the replacement of two 40,000 hp motor/drives with two new 69,000 hp ac medium voltage drives and motors, at the Arnold Engineering and Development Center's (AEDC) Propulsion Wind Tunnel (PWT) facility in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

The new drives will work in tandem with two 83,000 hp fixed-speed motors for a maximum of 304,000 hp at 600 rpm to the tunnels' propeller fans. The drives help to run the fans in adjustable-speed mode, or to start up and synchronize the fixed-speed motors to run at a constant speed, depending on test protocols and parameters.

Seeing the world's largest adjustable speed drive at the NASA Langley Research Center in 1998 operate the 135,000 hp synchronous motor at more than 100MW — a record — helped the Air Force move ahead with the project.

Factory-Direct, Ruggedized Off-the-Shelf Components

To simplify the way analog and power components are sourced for aerospace and military systems, Vishay Siliconix announced it is ruggedizing its own FETs and ICs, to provide high reliability versions of these devices on an off-the-shelf basis.

Until now, customers relied on third-party up-screen houses for this preconditioning process, which increases lead times and inflates prices. The ruggedized products are factory preconditioned with stabilization-bake, temperature cycle, burn-in, and min/max temperature testing — eliminating the need to send devices to a third party. To learn more, visit www.vishay.com.

APT to Acquire GHz Technology Inc.

Advanced Power Technology (APT) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire GHz Technology Inc., a leading supplier of silicon-based radio frequency (RF) power transistors, in a merger transaction. Based in Santa Clara, Calif. with about 75 employees, GHz's products are used in a variety of radar, avionics, and wireless communications applications.

The acquisition is part of the Company's ongoing strategy to expand its product and technology portfolio in the RF power arena through internal development and acquisitions. The combination will position APT with the products and technology to serve a broad range of RF applications requiring RF power transistors capable of switching at frequencies from 1 MHz to 3.5 GHz.

2002 Tour De Sol Showcases Transportation Technologies

This spring, the Tour de Sol: The Great American Green Transportation Festival will give thousands of visitors a chance to see new strategies for reducing dependence on foreign oil. Advanced transportation technologies, as well as traditional transportation options, offer real solutions to America's security and environmental problems.

The Tour de Sol (May 12-18) will hold six free festivals in the Northeast, featuring food, music, and Earth-friendly products including green electricity choices and more than 50 advanced vehicles ranging from one-person scooters to buses. These hybrid-electric vehicles run on less gasoline today, but could run on biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, or compressed natural gas in the future. Activities also include traditional transportation options such as walking, biking, and mass transit.

For more information, contact Northeast Sustainable Energy Association at Phone: (413) 774-6051 ext. 18; Fax: (413) 774-6053; E-mail: [email protected]; or Web site: www.nesea.org.

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