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Power Management ICs Market Peaked in 2000

A recent analysis by Venture Development Corporation (VDC), “Worldwide Shipment Forecast for Power Supply and Power Management Integrated Circuits,” discloses the state of the IC market. The VDC reported that annual revenues for power supply and power management integrated circuits surpassed the $5 billion mark for the first time in 2000. However, a slowdown in this market started in the third and fourth quarters of 2000 and has continued into 2001, a year forecast to have single-digit growth rates for many of these products.

The long-term outlook expects this market to have a growth rate of 15% or more. Linear regulators, PWM/PFM controllers, dc/dc regulators, battery charging/management ICs, ac/dc regulators, and PFC pre-regulators are expected to have individual five-year growth rates ranging from 10% to more than 20%. With average selling prices declining due to price pressures, the unit shipment growth rates are even higher, ranging from 15% to more than 22%.

The following factors drive growth.

  • Increasing demand for higher efficiency and greater fuel gauge accuracy in portable electronics, especially cell phones and PDAs.
  • Government involvement (e.g. Energy Star and Europe's EN61000-3-2) driving efficiency requirements and the use of power factor correction.
  • High growth rates of application markets such as telecommunications, computers, and consumer electronics.

For more information, contact Mark Gaboriault, Project Manager of Venture Development Corporation.

Boca Semiconductor Acquires Microsemi's Product Line

Boca Semiconductor Corp. acquired Microsemi's commercial transistor product line effective November 27, 2000. Boca Semiconductor, a division of Summit Electronics Corporation, is a broad-based stocking distributor and global procurement services organization specializing in the sourcing of hard-to-find electronic components. The company will now be the global supplier of the previous Microsemi line.

Boca Semiconductor specializes in the manufacture of transistors, diodes, voltage regulators, stud base rectifiers, and power MOSFETs that have been discontinued by major manufacturers including: Motorola, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, and National Semiconductor. For more information, contact the company at 6540 East Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, Fla. 33487; Phone: 561-226-8500, Fax: 561-226-8523, Web: www.bocasemi.com.

Abe Pressman Yields to Keith Billings

Two authors of power supply design books are embarking on a joint venture. Keith Billings, author of the Switchmode Power Supply Handbook, will present the popular “Modern Switching Power Supply Design Course” created by the author of Switching Power Supply Design, Abraham I. Pressman, published by McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing.

Since 1983, Pressman has presented his power supply design course throughout the United States to more than 1800 attendees from more than 150 companies and the U.S. government. Pressman, who is entering retirement, recently transferred his course materials to Billings, who will update the material and continue the presentation of Pressman's power supply design course. Billings said, “While the basics will remain the same, I hope to make it more user friendly by applying some recent high-tech presentation methods.”

Billings has been chief engineer of several major switchmode power supply companies in both the U.K. and Canada. In 1999, he wrote the second edition of his book, Switchmode Power Supply Handbook, published by McGraw-Hill.

Starting in mid-October, Billings will present the course in the Chicago, Boston, and San Jose areas. For more information, visit the Web www.apressman.com or contact Switchtronix Power Inc., 37 Lawmarissa Road, Waban, Mass. 02468-2230, Phone: (617) 332-7794.

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