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NEMA Offers Industrial and Automation Standards

Responding to requests for ready access to industry standards, the Industrial Automation Control Products and Systems Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) will continue providing free access to industry standards. Users can view or download NEMA automation and control standards, including new and newly-revised versions.

The standards, closely aligned with the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), cover products used to control and automate industrial equipment. You can find a brief description of the standards, as well as a link to the document, on the Internet at the NEMA Web site: www.nema.org/engineering/icsstandards.html. Standards are available in “PDF” format.

Power Management ICs Markets Expand

Annual revenues for power supply and power management ICs were over the $5 billion mark for the first time in 2000, according to recent analysis by Venture Development Corporation (VDC). Forecasts indicate an average annual growth rate of more than 18% over the next five years. the study covers voltage regulator and controller ICs, PFC pre-regulator ICs; and battery charging, protection, and fuel gauge ICs.

As you can see in Fig. 1, direct sales represent the largest share, yet there's a shift toward increased sales through distributors and manufacturers' representatives. Distributors now sell an increasing number of standard products.

Fig. 2 shows that Asia accounts for the largest share with the benefit of low manufacturing labor costs and the emergence of China as an attractive electronics manufacturing location.

For additional information, contact Marc Recberg at (508) 653-9000, or [email protected].

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