Power Electronics

CUI Joins PMBus Forum to Support Digital Power

CUI Inc. is now a member of the Power Management Bus Implementers Forum (PMBus). PMBus is an industry standard developed to allow power converters to communicate over a digital bus. Other PMBus adopters include semiconductor companies such as TI, Infineon, and Intersil, power-supply manufacturers such as Delta and Artesyn, and OEMs like Dell and Intel.

CUI's power division, V-Infinity, continues to focus on technologies that support the green initiative, and digital power is an area that has great growth potential. “Digital power is very intriguing to CUI and we intend on investigating all options,” said CUI President Matt McKenzie. “Our focus is on developing solutions in growing technologies that solve complicated needs with an emphasis being on the ease of implementation.” The digital-power market segment is just entering its adolescent stage, according to the Darnell Group, and by 2010 will exceed 5 billion units in cumulative sales.

As technology moves toward greener applications, communication and intelligence with data becomes essential to successfully implement these technologies. As a potential adopter of PMBus, CUI believes it is essential that they are part of the forum that manages this standard.

“CUI products were sold to nearly 50,000 customers in 2008 across every market segment, and the majority of those customers have problems that digital power could solve if it was easy to implement,” McKenzie continued. “We are excited about the possibilities.”

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