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Contour Energy Systems (Formerly Cfxbattery) Unveils New Lithium Chemistries

Contour Energy Systems (Formerly Cfxbattery) Unveils New Lithium Chemistries

CONTOUR ENERGY SYSTEMS, an innovative portable power company commercializing next-generation battery systems, is coming out of stealth mode to unveil its breakthrough advancements in new fluorine-based battery lithium chemistries, nano-materials science and manufacturing processes that will “reshape portable power” above and beyond competing lithium-ion systems. Formerly CFX Battery, the company is also announcing its name change and launch of its new web site [].

A spinoff of the collaboration between CalTech and CNRS, the French National Center of Scientific Research, Contour Energy is selectively commercializing and licensing portions of its fast-growing IP portfolio to address a wide range of portable power applications spanning the transportation, government and defense, medical, industrial, portable electronics and specialty applications markets. Having amassed over 60 patented and patent-pending technologies, the company is commercializing advanced primary and next-generation rechargeable battery systems in multiple form factors. These cells and battery packs are being designed to achieve higher power and energy densities, extend service life, and provide uninterrupted operation under extreme temperature conditions.

In recognition of Contour Energy's advancements in lithium carbon fluoride battery technology and nano-materials science, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded the company two technology transfer contracts. With the first contract, NASA is engaging Contour Energy to develop high-energy primary batteries capable of performing under a wide temperature range for manned space missions. To meet this goal, Contour Energy will characterize the feasibility of a new Li/SF-CFx-based high capacity lithium primary battery with higher rate capabilities and enhanced safety characteristics compared to conventional Li/CFx primary systems.

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