Power Electronics
The Best Articles of 2009

The Best Articles of 2009

Power Management 101: Power MOSFETs
What are Power MOSFETs ? Power MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) are three-terminal silicon devices that function by applying a signal to the gate that controls current conduction between source and drain

SUPERCAPS Lighten the Load in LED Flash Applications
Cell Phones are Becoming the ultimate consumer all-in-one portable appliance, producing digital-still camera-quality pictures, supplying WiFi/Web access and delivering high-quality audio

100-kW DC-DC Converter Employs Resonant -Filter
Adapted from an ac-output resonant half-bridge inverter circuit, the resonant CLC (capacitor-inductor capacitor) dc-dc converter employs a π-filter loaded by a rectifier

Power Management 101: Power MOSFET Charactertics
What are the important power MOSFET characteristics? To understand the planar and trench MOSFET characteristics, check several parameters critical to their performance

Renewable Energy Through Micro-Inverters
A relatively new option for optimizing solar system efficiency and reliability is use of micro-inverters that connect to each individual solar panel

P-Channel Power MOSFETs Approach N-Channel Performance
Using the latest generation of trench and polar power MOSFET technologies, both trench and polar P-channel power MOSFETs have been developed that retain all the features of comparable N-channel power MOSFETs, including very fast switching, voltage control, ease of paralleling and excellent temperature stability

Power Management 101: Power Supply Circuit and System Considerations
What are the space considerations when selecting a power supply? You have to make sure the power supply will fit in the space provided for it.

Voltage-Mode Push-Pull Converters Deserve a Second Look
Double-ended topologies, such as push-pull, half-bridge and full-bridge, allow higher efficiencies and greater power densities compared with common single-ended topologies, such as flyback and forward converters

Power Management 101: Converter & Controller ICs
Converter ICs include an integrated power MOSFET, whereas controller ICs employ external power MOSFETs. Both configurations are classified as regulators because they regulate the output voltage.

SEPIC Converters Solve Automotive Power NeedsPart 1
Single-ended primary inductance converter (SEPIC) topology is a good choice for automotive power systems that require an output voltage between the low and high values of the input voltage

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