Power Electronics

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Discrete Semis, GaN

Davis, Sam, PET
Enhancement Mode GaN MOSFET Delivers Impressive Performance
March 2010, pp. 10-13

Davis, Sam, PET
GaN Powers MOSFET Figure of Merit Past Silicon-Based Devices
March 2010, pp. 14-17

Alderman, Arnold N., Anagenesis, Inc.
Where are the High Voltage GaN Products?
June 2010, pp. 34-38

Strydom, Johan, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Corp.
eGaN(tm)-Silicon Power Shoot-Out: Part 1 Comparing Figure of Merit (FOM)
September 2010, pp. 23-30

Discrete Semis, IGBTs

Motto, Eric, Powerex
Hybrid Circuits Optimize Gate Drive and Protect High Power IGBT Modules
June 2010, pp. 15-20

Discrete Semis, Power Modules

Motto, Eric, Powerex
Partioning Eases Implementation of Three-Level IGBT Inverters
April 2010, pp. 32-35

Motto, Eric, Powerex
Transfer Molded DIP-IPM Package Improves Thermal Performance
May 2010, pp. 32-35

Discrete Semis, Power MOSFETs

Havanur, Sanjay, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
Forget Power Device Current Ratings, Calculate Application Losses
February 2010, pp. 16-19

Davis, Sam, PET
Power MOSFET Takes Heat Removal From the Top
February 2010, pp. 20-21

Davis, Sam, PET
The Evolution of Power MOSFETs and the Role of Process Technologies
February 2010, pp. 26-27

Davis, Sam, PET
DirectFET®2 Power MOSFETs Meet AEC-Q101
February 2010, pp. 28-31

Miller, Peter J., Texas Instruments
The J/K Method: A Technique for Selecting the Optimal MOSFET
June 2010, pp. 39-43

Lorenz, L., Infineon; Hancock, Jon, Infineon
Second Generation CoolMOS Improves on Previous Generation's Characteristics
November 2010, pp. 9-13

Hancock, John, Infineon Technologies, Inc.
Multiple Metrics Define Performance in Super-Junction MOSFET Selection
November 2010, pp. 14-17

Discrete Semis, Rectifiers/Diodes

Wu, Keng, Lockheed Martin
Analyzing Full-Wave Rectifiers with Capacitor Filters
January 2010, pp. 16-19

Sokolov, Alexander,
Selecting Filter Capacitors forThree Phase Bridge Rectifiers
July 2010, pp. 40-42

Digital Power

Davis, Sam, PET
Next-Gen Digital Signal Controller ICs Offer 4X More Memory
May 2010, pp. 39-43

Passives/Packaging, Capacitors

Moxley, Joe, Custom Electronics, Inc.
Mission-Critical Applications Require High-Voltage Capacitors to Meet Stability and Durability Requirements
August 2010, pp. 22-23

Pothier, Chuck, Vishay Intertechnology
High-Voltage Tantalum Capacitors for +28-V Apps
October 2010, pp. 36-40

Passives/Packaging, Connectors

Stibgen, Michael, Methode Electronics
Laminated Bus Bar Assemblies Improve Power Distribution in High Power Electronic Systems
October 2010, pp. 10-12

Stibgen, Michael, Methode Electronics
Technology Update: Reducing Inductance Power Distribution Systems
October 2010, pp. 13-14

Passives/Packaging, Circuit Protection Devices

Goldman, Steven J., Infineon Technologies
Selecting Protection Devices:TVS Diodes vs. Metal-Oxide Varistors
June 2010, pp. 29-33

Sadiq, Nabil, Cooper Bussmann; Noor, Trina, Cooper Bussmann
Selecting Fuses: Simple Procedures to Get the Right Overcurrent Protection for DC-DC Converters
August 2010, pp. 10-14

Passives/Packaging, Magnetics

Wu, Keng, (Retired)
Compute B/H Curve for Inductor with DC and Ripple Currents
May 2010, pp. 36-38

Wild, Charles, API Delevan
Keep Core Geometry in Mind When Designing Transformers
July 2010, pp. 19-23

Wike, Walter, API Delevan
Inductors Provide Important Functions in Power Electronics
July 2010, pp. 24-26

Passives/Packaging, Resistors

Sheehan, Catal, Bourns
Shunt Resistors Meet Critical Motor Control Circuit Protection Needs
October 2010, pp. 32-35

Schroeder, Kory, Stackpole Electronics
Fail-Safe Wirewound Resistors For Robust Applications
October 2010, pp. 41-43

Portable Power Management, Batteries

Tichy, Robin, Micro Power Electronics
Replace SLA Batteries with Li-Ion Technology
March 2010, pp. 18-21

Davis, Sam, PET
Military Operations Command More From Mobile Power Sources
March 2010, pp. 32-36

Shah, Kamal, Intel; Mikolajczak, Celina, Exponent Failure Analysis Assoc.
Detecting Internal Lithium-Ion Cell Fault Development In Real Time
March 2010, pp. 37-41

Davis, S., PET
Protecting Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications
April 2010, pp. 39-44

Power Management, LED Drivers

Nguyen, Tam, Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
Standalone Regulator Controls High-Brightness Power LEDs
February 2010, pp. 22-25

Shih, Kelvin, Lawrence Technological University
Is the Thermal Resistance of LEDs Constant?
April 2010, pp. 28-31

Patterson, James, National Semiconductor Corporation
Dimming Techniques for Switched-Mode LED Drivers
November 2010, pp. 18-23

Power Management, Lighting Power Management

Tjokrorahardjo, Andre, International Rectifier
Simple, Versatile Control IC Dims Fluorescent Ballasts
March 2010, pp. 26-31

Ribarich, Tom, International Rectifier
How To Control and Reap the Benefits of HID Lamps
July 2010, pp. 37-39

Power Management, Motor Power Management

Hopkins, Tom, STMicroelectronics
Stepper Motor Controller/Driver Simplifies Stepper Motor System Design
August 2010, pp. 24-27

Emerald, Paul, Allegro Microsystems
Versatile Single-Chip Power IC Provides Programmable, Low-Cost Microstepping
September 2010, pp. 10-15

Rowan, Tom, Allegro
Versatile Microstepper Driver ICs Provide Next Generation Stepper
September 2010, pp. 16-17

Power Management, Power ICs

Davis, Sam, PET
Back to Basics: Power Management Impacts All Electronic Systems
January 2010, pp. 33-38

Davis, Sam, PET
New Generation of Load Switch ICs Cut Standby Power
April 2010, pp. 45-46

Motto, Eric, Powerex
Update: Hybrid IC IGBT Gate Driver Integrates DC/DC Converter
June 2010, pp. 21-22

Davis, Sam, PET
Mobile Electronic Products Employ Integrated Power Management
September 2010, pp. 31-36

Davis, Sam, PET
Dynamic Power Control Cuts Dissipation of Quad 16-bit DAC
September 2010, pp. 42-44

Larson, Dwight, Maxim Integrated Products Inc.,
Selecting n-channel MOSFETs for High-Side Hot-Swap Control
November 2010, pp. 38-45

Power Management, Regulator ICs

Bell, Bob, National Semiconductor
Get Your Isolated Power Converter Off to a Smooth Start
January 2010, pp. 20-23

Panizza, Marco, Vicor Corporation
Source Impedance Affects Converter Performance
January 2010, pp. 24-27

Hsu, Jhih-Da, Fairchild Semiconductor; Chao, Chi-Sheng, Fairchild Semiconductor
Highly Integrated Solution for AC Adapters - Part 2:Experimental Results
January 2010, pp. 31-32

Davis, Sam, PET
New Module Family Can Make Any Engineer a Power Supply Designer
March 2010, pp. 42-43

Balakrishnan, Balu, Power Integrations
One Powerful Decade: Next Generation Monolithic Off-Line Switcher Improves Performance, Flexibility
April 2010, pp. 22-24

Balakrishnan, Balu, Power Integrations
Technology Update: Power Integrations
April 2010, pp. 25-26

Davis, Sam, PET
Controller IC Eliminates Remote Sense Lines for Long Cable Runs
May 2010, pp. 26-28

Hegarty, Timothy, National Semiconductor
Peak Current-Mode DC-DC Converter Stability Analysis
June 2010, pp. 23-28

Cuk, Slobodan; TESLAco,
True Bridgeless PFC Converter Achieves Over 98% Efficiency, 0.999 Power Factor
July 2010, pp. 10-18

Sun, Jason, Fairchild Semiconductor, China
Optimizing Power Supply Adapter Design
July 2010, pp. 27-35

Davis, Sam, PET
Mobile Systems Poised to Take Advantage of Power-Pinching ICs and Architectures
August 2010, pp. 31-33

Cuk, Slobodan, TESLAco
True Bridgeless PFC Converter Achieves Over 98% Efficiency, 0.999 Power Factor:Part 2
August 2010, pp. 34-40

Davis, Sam, PET
Adaptive On-Time DC-DC Converters Combine Speed and Efficiency
August 2010, pp. 41-44

Chang, Chin, Semtech Corporation
Simple PWM Boost Converter with I/O Disconnect Solves Malfunctions
September 2010, pp. 38-41

Cuk, Slobodan, TESlaco
Single-Stage Bridgeless Isolated PFC Converter Achieves 98% Efficiency Bridgeless PFC Converter
October 2010, pp. 22-30

Davis, Sam, PET
Plus and Minus 36V LDOs Support Bi-Polar Analog Apps
October 2010, pp. 44-45

Cuk, Slobodan, TESlaco
Single -Stage Isolated Bridgeless PFC Converter Achieves Over 98% Efficiency, 0.999 Power Factor
November 2010, pp. 28-37

Power Management, Multiple

Davis, Sam, PET
APEC 2010 Preview
February 2010, pp. 42-43

Davis, Sam, PET
APEC 2010
April 2010, pp. 10-21

Power Systems, AC-DC Power Supplies

Dodson, Stephen, XP Power (UK)
Top-Down Approach Simplifies AC-DC Power Supply Selection
May 2010, pp. 29-31

Power Systems, Aircraft

Harrop, Peter, IDTechEx; Davis, Sam, PET
21st Century Technology Propels Electric Aircraft into the “Blue Yonder”
October 2010, pp. 16-21

Power Systems, EMI & EMC

Davis, Sam, PET
EMC Poses Challenge for Automotive Electronics
May 2010, pp. 12-17

Tuite, Don, Electronic Design
Conforming with Worldwide Safety and EMC/EMI Standards
November 2010, pp. 24-27

Power Systems, Energy Harvesting

Davis, Sam, PET
Ultralow Voltage Input Power Converters Support Energy Harvesting
February 2010, pp. 32-35

Ostaffe, Harry, Powercast; Rawal, Bharat, AVX
Wireless Power Module and Double Layer Capacitor Harvest Energy From Radio Waves
July 2010, pp. 44-46

Davis, Sam, PET
Step-Up Converter /Power Manager Harvests Energy from ±30mV Inputs
August 2010, pp. 28-30

Davis, Sam, PET
Energy Derived from Ocean Waves to Supply Scotland Homes with Utility Power
September 2010, pp. 18-22

Power Systems, PoE

Davis, Sam, PET
PoE+ Attracts Compliant ICs
January 2010, pp. 10-15

Power Systems, Powerline Comm.

Davis, Sam, PET
SoC Uses Powerline Communications to Control Embedded Applications
June 2010, pp. 10-14

Power Systems, Test & Measurement

Wagener, John C., Cape Peninsula University of Technology; deVries, Ian, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Testing Power Converters Using Liquid Rheostat Dummy Load
January 2010, pp. 39-42

Davis, Sam, PET
Smart Metering ICs Support Accurate Power Monitoring
February 2010, pp. 10-14

Salzman, James F., Texas Instruments
Preemptive Testing Can Mitigate Cosmic Radiation Effects
April 2010, pp. 36-38

Power Systems, Multiple

Davis, Sam, PET
2010 Consumer Electronic Show
February 2010, pp. 36-41

Thermal Management

Renaud, Bertrand, ON Semiconductor
Thermal Dissipation for DC-DC Conversion in Portable Designs
January 2010, pp. 28-30

ATS, Advanced Thermal Solutions
Using Microchannel Structures to Cool Power Modules
March 2010, pp. 22-25

Soule, Chris, Thernshield
All-Metal Bonded-Fin Heat Sinks Shrink Size, Improve Thermal Characteristics
May 2010, pp. 18-21

Soule, C., Thermshield
Lower Cost Heat Sinks Boost Power Semiconductor Thermal Performance
May 2010, pp. 18-25

Mehl, Dale, Thermacore
Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks Eliminate Power Conductor Hot Spots
August 2010, pp. 16-17

Connors, Matt, Thermacore
One Powerful Decade Update: Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks
August 2010, pp. 18-20

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