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Alliance Adds Configurable CPU Supervisor Family

Alliance Semiconductor Corporation has expanded its family of CPU supervisor products to include two new product families, ASM1232 and ASM1832. The ASM1332 and ASM1832 general-purpose supervisors provide configuration options for system designers looking to add reliable power management solutions across a variety of electronics markets.

Specifically designed to keep systems from malfunctioning during power-up, power-down or brownout conditions, Alliance’s ASM1232 and ASM1832 ICs are cost-effective, low-power supervisory circuits designed for monitoring power supplies in microprocessor and microcontroller-based systems. These ICs include a debounced manual reset input, as well as configurable dual level threshold detection to restart a “hung” microprocessor in the event voltages drift out of tolerance or even after complete power supply failure. The pushbutton manual reset allows the user to externally invoke a reset, during a “hang” or when the system has become unresponsive. To further enhance system reliability, an internal watchdog timer can be configured to automatically reset the microprocessor after a preset period of inactivity. This is especially useful in set top box (STB) and telecom applications where a loss of signal or instability may cause undesired responses, requiring a soft reset to be initiated.

The ASM1232 and ASM1832 include tolerance select inputs (TOL) that can be used to specify reset threshold tolerances of 5% and 10% for the ASM1232 in 5-V applications, and 10% and 20% for the 3.3-V ASM1832. Both parts include a pushbutton manual reset input and a watchdog timer with reset functionality that is user configurable to time-out periods of 150 ms, 610 ms or 1200ms.

For more information, visit www.alsc.com.

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