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2005 Lifetime Achievement Award

Power Electronics Technology (PE Tech) magazine announces Bob Mammano, chief power technologist at Texas Instruments Incorporated, is the recipient of the 2 nd annual Lifetime Achievement Award. PE Tech editor David Morrison will present this year’s award at PowerSystems World Expo in Baltimore, Oct. 25-27. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a pioneering individual for his/her technical and business-related accomplishments in the electronics industry.

The September issue of PE Tech chronicles Mammano’s career and industry contributions. Widely recognized as “the father of the PWM controller IC industry,” Mammano is honored for developing the integrated circuit that ushered in the age of switching regulators and switch-mode power supplies. His seminal IC design, the SG1524, and the many variations it inspired, tamed the complexity of SMPSs, shrinking their size and making them cost-effective in countless applications. Mammano also helped shape the analog and power IC businesses as cofounder of Silicon General and the power IC division of Unitrode, and more recently in his role as staff technologist at Texas Instruments.

Last year, PE Tech honored Eric Lidow, founder and chairman of International Rectifier, with the first Lifetime Achievement Award.

About Power Electronics Technology
This year celebrates Power electronkic Tch’s Celebrates its 30 Year Anniversay with a special double issue in November. Power Electronics Technology provided 36,600+ electronics engineers, designers and system integrators with the latest news and information in the power electronics industry. Monthly editorial examines the latest, state-of-the-art techniques for designing power supplies and power electronic systems, including battery-power systems, consumers commercial and industrial power electronics systems, and power systems for electrical and automotive transportations. PE Tech also publishes Auto Electronics, a new issue examining the latest electronics trends and design issues in the automotive industry today. Defense Electronics is a special supplement published six times a year that features design issues in defense electronics and component design. E-Newsletters: PE Tech Times, Auto E-lectronics, Defense Electronics News & Analysis and Emerging Wireless Technology
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