Power Electronics

1/8-Brick DC-DC Converters

THE UWE-5/15-Q48N-C (15 A at 5 Vdc) and the UWE-15/5-Q12P-C (5 A at 15 Vdc) 1/8-brick, 4:1 ultra-wide-input, isolated dc-dc converters provide output power to 75 W and can be used as a space-saving replacement for 100-W ¼-brick devices in applications that do not require the full 100 W. The xN-C has a voltage range from 18 to 75 Vdc while the xP-C ranges from 9 to 36 Vdc to help simple converter integration.

The UWE series has a synchronous rectifier design that enables high efficiency ratings of 90%, plus low power dissipation with no reverse-output conduction. This allows the converters to be used without fans or temperature de-rating in most applications. For the most demanding environments, customers can specify an optional thermal mounting base plate.

The converters feature industry-standard through-hole mounting. Operating temperature range is -40° to 85°C with de-rating.

The devices provide 1,500-Vdc isolation (basic insulation) to ensure safety, and fully differential (floating) operation for maximum application flexibility. All models include remote on/off control, trim, and remote-sense functions to provide compensation for line-drop errors at high output currents. Self-protection design features including pre-bias operation, input undervoltage, and output short circuit, overcurrent, and over-temperature protection prevent potential damage to both the converter and outside circuits. Overloads automatically recover using the ‘hiccup’ technique upon fault removal.

Typical prices start at approximately $38 in OEM quantities. Lead times for the entire family range from stock to 12 weeks ARO.
Murata Power Solutions
Mansfield, MA


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