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TVS Diode Array Offers 100A of Lightning Protection

Littelfuse, Inc. announced the addition of the SP4040 Series to its expanding line of TVS Diode Arrays ( SPA family) providing lightning and ESD protection for broadband interfaces. The SP4040 is specifically designed for protection of high speed applications such as 1Gb Ethernet and T3/E3 data lines from lightning-induced transients up to 100A (tp=2/10µs).

Compared to competitive devices in market today, the SP4040-02BTG provides the highest level of lightning protection with the lowest capacitance of only 2.5pF, (I/O to I/O). Its extremely low dynamic resistance of less than 0.2 ohms provides excellent clamping performance of only 20V for reliable protection of sensitive Ethernet PHYs. In addition, its robust surge protection and low clamping voltages help equipment manufacturers comply with regulatory standards such as GR-1089, ITU, and YD/T, extending equipment life and reliability.
The series has the capability to protect against both common mode (longitudinal) and differential (metallic) transients. Furthermore, to help designs comply with the GR-1089 standard, the SP4040 is rated up to 100A (tp = 2/10µs) making it suitable for line side protection as well secondary (PHY) side protection against lightning transients.

The SP4040 Series is RoHS compliant and can help electronic equipment comply with the following standards:

  • Lightning, IEC 61000-4-5, 75A (tp = 8/20µs)
  • ESD, IEC 61000-4-2, ±30kV (contact), ±30kV (air)
  • GR-1089 (Intra-Building), 100A (tp = 2/10µs)
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