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High Power TVS Diodes For Exposed AC/DC Power Supply Applications

High Power TVS Diodes For Exposed AC/DC Power Supply Applications

Two high Power TVS diodes from Bourns, Inc.,  offer enhanced protection in surface mount SMD packaging.  The diodes are designed for DC clamping in exposed AC/DC power supply applications such as wireless base stations.  Designated Models PTVS3-058C-SH and PTVS3-076C-SH, the latest high current bidirectional TVS diodes from Bourns offer bidirectional port protection meeting IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 µs current surge requirements.

Bourns selected the SMD package for its latest Power TVS products because this type of packaging can simplify assembly and reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating the extra assembly step in situations where the Power TVS diode is the only through-hole component on the printed circuit board. These devices offer excellent surge response versus temperature, where the typical maximum surge current at 150 °C exceeds 70 % of their rated value at 25 °C. The diodes also feature standoff voltage of 58 V and 76 V with a peak pulse current rating of 3 kA.

The Bourns’ Models PTVS3-058C-SH and PTVS3-076C-SH are priced at $23.51 each in 20 piece quantities and $21.70 each in 500 piece quantities. Both new Power TVS diode models are available now and are RoHS compliant.

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