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Electronic Circuit Breakers Offer Extended Current & Voltage Ranges

Electronic Circuit Breakers Offer Extended Current & Voltage Ranges

New additions to 787-16XX line expands the functionality of WAGO's Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs). Recently added variants include 48 VDC, 12 VDC and NEC Class 2 models. These solid state devices provide highly accurate readings and feature fast-tripping characteristics. Advantages include:

  • Resetting and switching of tripped channels via remote input
  • Active current limitation on select models
  • Push button LEDs and adjustable current via potentiometer
  • Maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® for reliable connectivity
  • Clear marking via marking strips, WMB and WMB Inline markers

Free function-blocks, available for download also make it easy for 787-16XX modules to communicate seamlessly with most PLCs. A wide range of approvals including cULus and GL, make WAGO ECBs the ideal, integrated, cost-effective solution to extend the operating life of control systems.

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