Power Electronics

Universal Multi-Charger

PowerBrick is a Feligan Ltd. universal charging station able to power and supply up to 11 devices simultaneously: mobile-phones and smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, consoles for gaming, digital cameras and camcorders, nav-sats, mp3-players and many more. PowerBrick is said to be the first really universal multi-charger able to power and supply more than 10,000 electronic devices.

PowerBrick has three main features that make it unique, useful and innovative. First, two high-power USB ports (10 W each port) useful to recharge everything: even a tablet. Second, two universal sockets (1,500 W) that allow you to supply even the most demanding electric devices, like laptops, cordless phones, lamps, or even hairdryers. The universal sockets can supply every kind of plug: English, American, Schuko, Australian, Swiss, Europlug, and many more.

PowerBrick is equipped with 6 customizable connectors able to recharge every electronic device: even the most modern smartphones or tablets! Each connector is retractable, so you can continue to use your device while charging. When not in use, the cables are rewound automatically to save space and keep everything tidy and clean.

Feligan Ltd.
Part Number: PowerBrick

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