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Image courtesy of Efficient Power Conversion

(Image courtesy of Efficient Power Conversion).

High Efficiency eGaN FET Development Board for AirFuel Wireless Power Standard

Efficient Power Conversion has announced the EPC9065, a development board that can serve as the amplifier stage for AirFuel Alliance Class 4 and Class 5 wireless power transfer applications. This board is a Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) differential-mode class-D amplifier development board configured at, but is not limited to 6.78 MHz (Lowest ISM band).

This development board features the EPC2007C and the EPC8010, which are 100 V rated enhancement-mode gallium nitride FETs. The EPC2007C is used in the class-D amplifier while the EPC8010 is used as a synchronous bootstrap FET. The amplifier can be set to operate in either differential or single-ended mode and includes the gate drivers, a 6.78 MHz oscillator, and a separate heat sink for each Class-D section.

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