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Electric Superbike Sets Speed Records

Electric Superbike Sets Speed Records

San Francisco-based Mission Motorcycles unveiled two new electric bikes that it claims are the most advanced available: the Mission RS and Mission R. The RS will be produced in a limited edition of 40, whereas the R will be produced in larger quantities at a lower price, but retain the key features of the RS.

Years of research and development have resulted in what is said to be the most advanced, innovative, and highest performing street-legal production electric motorcycle in the world. At the heart of the Mission RS is a 120 kW (160 hp) electric motor integrated with a proprietary Mission Motorcycles InfiniteDrive™.



One of the most advanced electronics and traction control package ever seen on two wheels controls the InfiniteDrive powertrain. It allows the Mission RS to immediately unleash 120 ft/lbs of torque starting from 0 rpm and process thousands of calculations per second to seamlessly control traction. The InfiniteDrive™ powertrain redefines traction control by moving beyond ICE measures of cutting spark and fuel, and in doing so expands the possibilities of superbike performance.


·     Real World Range: 140 miles

·     City Range: 230 miles

·     Zero - 60: 3 seconds

·     Top Speed: 150 mph

Piloted by Steve Rapp, the Mission RS dominated the 2011 FIM/TTXGP at Laguna Seca, finishing the 8 lap race 39.9 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. Rapp's qualifying lap time of 1:31.3 broke all previous electric vehicle records at Laguna Seca.

The MissionOS™ user interface delivers a complimentary cellular-data enabled, high resolution, pressure-sensitive touch screen based UI. The fully digital instrument cluster supports integrated GPS, Bluetooth, an integrated image-stabilized HD camera, and head-up display (HUD) integration. Seamlessly integrating turn-by-turn navigation, communications, controls, track mode, and ride telemetry data, and free automatic over-the-air updates.  Mission Motorcycle owners will receive new features and capabilities as a stream of new updates and continual improvements.

Stopping power and response is provided by the Mission RS's standard Brembo GP4-RX CNC machined radial calipers and 320mm Brembo T-Drive fully floating rotors. Included in the optional GP Package is the full Brembo GP spec brake caliper package, the highest performing motorcycle calipers in the world mated to Brembo WSBK spec rotors. Coupled with a fully adjustable regenerative braking system, the Mission RS allows a previously unprecedented level of stopping power and control. The patented UltraPack™ technology is incorporated to create an effective lithium-ion battery management system. With power densities previously unheard of for electric motorcycles, and over 17 kWh of stored power, the UltraPack™ not only allows for the world's best superbike performance, but also a real-world range of over 140 miles as measured using the Motorcycle Industry Council's (MIC) SAE combined cycle standard, at 70 mph highway steady-state speed.

Delivered with a 4.5 kW liquid-cooled charger whose peak efficiency is 95%, the Mission RS is one of the most power-dense charging solutions ever designed for an EV. The charger is integrated with the motor control unit and shares the same liquid-cooling system.

The on-board charger accepts inputs from 80 to 270V AC, from 45 to 70Hz, and works with SAE Type 1 home charging and SAE Type 2 J1772 public charging. This allows you to plug in anywhere, from your typical 110V and 220V outlets, to many of the available public charging stations.

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