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Applied Power Electronics Conference Comes to Charlotte

Applied Power Electronics Conference Comes to Charlotte

The exciting world of power electronics will be on show at the 30th annual Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, taking place March 15-19 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

APEC will this year include 239 global exhibitors who will showcase their products, and solutions on applied power electronics. Supplementing these exhibits will be Professional Education Seminars, Plenary Sessions,Technical Sessions, Dialogue Sessions, and Rap Sessions. 

The Conference kicks off Sunday, March 15, with three-and-a-half-hour Professional Education Seminars that will provide an in-depth discussion of power electronics topics that combine practical applications with theory. A sampling of these seminars include:

·     Recent Breakthroughs in Controls for Power Electronics, Sudip Mazumder, U. of Illinois

·     3D Packaging for High Density and High Performance GaN-Based Circuits, Douglas Hopkins, North Carolina State University

·     Advanced Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis for Electric Motors and Drives, Seungdeog Choi, U. of Akron

·     Thermal Management of Power Semiconductor Devices, David Levett, Infineon Technologies

·     High Power & SiC Module Technology & Application Considerations, John Donion, Powerex

·     Power Supply on Chip Technology for High Frequency Integrated Voltage Regulation, Cian O’Mathuna, Tyndall National Institute


On Monday March 16, the Conference’s Plenary Session will feature speakers from industry and academia covering the key power electronics architectures, components, innovations, and technologies affecting the industry and society. Speakers will include:

·     Hao Huang, GE Aviation, “Challenges in Electrical Systems for More Electric Aircraft.”

·     David Cox, Cree, “Power Architectures for the Next Generation of Solid State Lighting.”

·     Dhaval Dalal, ON Semiconductor, “PSMA Power Technology Roadmap.”

·     Kerry Cheung, Depart of Energy, “DOE Perspectives on Microgrids.”

·     Veena Misra, North Carolina State University, “Optimizing Performance and Reliability of GaN MOSFET Devices.”

·     David Pesiri, Los Alamos National Laboratory, “A New Emphasis on Industry Partnerships at Los Alamos: Finding Win-Win Outcomes that Benefit the Nation.”

The show’s technical sessions, from March 17 through 19, will cover a very broad range of subjects covering power system semiconductors, components, systems, and applications. With the ongoing interest in applying power advances to advanced energy systems, some of the more interesting technical sessions will cover:

·     Photovoltaic Applications

·     Machine and inverters

·     Conductive and Inductive Chargers for Electric Vehicles

·     Renewable Circuits

·     Renewable Microgrids

·     Modeling of AC Energy Converters and Systems

·     What’s in the Can, Combinational Semiconductors

·     Renewable Wind

·     Power Electronics for Transportation Electrification

·     Wide Bandgap Power Device Based Applications

·     Wireless Power Transfer

·     Utility & Mixed Applications of Power Electronics

·     Photovoltaics

·     Grid and Microgrid Interfaces


During the same period there will 15 industry sessions covering some of the key areas in applied power electronics. These include:

·     Advances in Power Semiconductors

·     Transportation Power Electronics

·     PMBus Standards

·     Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

·     Alternative Energy

·     High Voltage Power

·     Nanotechnology

·     Power Electronics Applications

·     IGBTs and Their Applications

·     3D Power Packaging

·     Capacitor Technology

·     Wireless Power Transfer

·     Modeling and Simulation

Besides these technical and industry sessions, there will be three moderated rap sessions the evening of Tuesday, March 17 covering wireless power transfer, variable speed drives, and wide bandgap devices. The show wraps up on Thursday, March 19 with a number of dialogue sessions covering components, renewable energy technologies, and transportation.

For more on the show and to register, go to APEC’s website at

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