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Rechargeable Aluminum Battery Developed

Rechargeable Aluminum Battery Developed

URABat is an ultrafast, commercially viable rechargeable aluminum battery, developed in collaboration between ITRI, Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Stanford University.

Facts about URABat:

  • URABat is fast: It can be fully charged in just one minute for more than 10,000 cycles, while maintaining an exceptional coulombic efficiency (CE) of 98 percent throughout its life.
  • URABat is safe, because all components in the battery system, including the aluminum and graphite electrodes and the isolating membrane, are inert.
  • URABat is ideal for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles: it will compete with the traditional lead acid battery when applied in large energy storage devices, lightweight electric scooters, and motorized bicycles.
  • Lastly, it is environmentally friendly and financially advantageous, as aluminum constitutes an incredible 8.2% of the Earth's crust. 

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