Solar Grid Storage39s system combines a turnkey energy storage solution with an inverter to reduce project costs

Solar Grid Storage's system combines a turnkey energy storage solution with an inverter to reduce project costs.

PCM Battery Technology Helps Enable Grid Stability

As more intermittent renewable resources like wind and solar are installed and connected to electrical grids, a balance must be met between supply and demand. The use of large-scale batteries helps mitigate this problem with their ability to instantly supply or absorb power. For use in their PowerFactor solar and storage systems, Solar Grid Storage has selected AllCell Technologies as a preferred supplier of large lithium-ion battery systems.

The PowerFactor system provides commercial solar project developers with a turnkey energy storage solution bundled with an inverter, which helps reduce project costs. AllCell’s passive thermal management system allows Solar Grid Storage to place both the battery system and inverter into a single ISO container, further reducing cost as well as complexity, size, and weight. The PowerFactor system integrates storage into projects ranging from 100 kilowatts to 10 megawatts. The inverter acts as a standard solar inverter delivering AC power to a building, but it can also be used during power outages enabling the PV system plus batteries to provide emergency power indefinitely.

Effective thermal management is a key factor in any battery system, but it is especially critical in larger high-power systems. AllCell’s battery technology utilizes a composite phase change material (PCM) to surround each cell within the battery, absorbing and distributing heat to reduce battery temperature and prevent thermal runway propagation, as well as maximizing safety and cycle life.

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