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Lithium-Ion Batteries Will Dominate the Battery Business

A new report from IDTechEx Research, Lithium-ion Batteries 2016-2026, finds that at around $140 billion in 2026, the lithium-ion battery business will dominate the battery business.

IDTechEx has the full analysis of the lithium-ion battery market and other energy storage. The new overview report, Lithium-ion Batteries 2016-2026 encompasses summaries of topics such as flexible batteries, electric bus batteries and post-lithium batteries that are presented in more detail in appropriate drill down reports by IDTechEx.

Some of the key findings that are detailed and explained are: The main market value has recently changed to large versions and electric vehicles and this will continue. This creates a paradox where the number of manufacturers is proliferating past 450 but only a few can make relatively safe, acceptable, affordable large versions - the main market demand. This is because it is easy to make small versions of limited life using primitive factory conditions.  

The Japanese and Koreans are named that control the key technology and, with the Chinese, the production. The Tesla Gigafactory using Japanese Panasonic Technology will exceed all this capacity but our calculations show that many gigafactories will be needed in the decade. We say who will build others. We explain why competitive advantage in Li-ion batteries will primarily be based on energy density, safety record, cost, production capacity and being in the protected large market of China. Competitive disadvantages are detailed. We explain which alternatives to Li-ion are strongest. We detail a feeding frenzy building up with purchasers coming from more widely afield in both territory and interest. We identify how successful niche players are proliferating and attracting bidders.

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