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Battery Earns Innovation Award

Battery Earns Innovation Award

As a cost-effective energy storage solution, mPhase Technologies has been given the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for their cell-array battery technology. The battery is said to have an unparalleled shelf life, a reduction in toxicity, and a small footprint compared to others.

Since the nanostructured battery can only be activated by introducing the electrolyte into the electrode, deterioration of active material is minimized, increasing the life of the battery. The structure also reduces its activation time with a “power on command” capability where the battery can be activated remotely. The electrolyte composition also creates a less toxic chemical compound within the battery itself.

The battery is best used for low-energy-density applications and can also be used as a high-performance power source for electronic devices. It can similarly be used in tightly integrated devices, such as wireless sensors, active radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tags, and lab-on-the-chip systems for both defense and commercial markets.

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