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Wheels on bus go round with SmarTire TPMS

More than 1,000 buses built by New Flyer Industries for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will include tire pressure monitoring systems from SmarTire Systems Inc. Deliveries are scheduled for 2006 and 2007. Specifically, the buses will be fitted with SmarTire's controller area network SAE J1939 chassis-mounted receiver and commercial high- pressure sensors. The system will provide tire pressure and temperature information while the bus is in motion or stationary, and alert the driver with an early warning of a tire-related problem.

Citing stats from the American Public Transport Association, SmarTire says there are more than 2,200 transit authorities in the United States operating more than 76,000 transit buses. Approximately 7,000 new buses were delivered to urban and rural transit authorities in 2003.

"In addition to being the second largest transit authority in the United States, the CTA is seen as the industry leader in adopting new technologies," says Erwin Bartz, VP of Business Development at SmarTire.

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