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Visteon’s TACNET in CHiPs

The California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) has begun fleet-wide implementation of Visteon Corporation’s TACNET in-vehicle command and control system. Visteon also says the Boston Police Department is field-testing a customized version of TACNET.

TACNET integrates in-vehicle controllers and electronics for lights, sirens, multiple radios, radar, patrol video, AM/FM radio functions, and mobile data computers into a single system, thus conserving space inside patrol vehicles. It also integrates switches and controls into voice control, touch screen and control pod interfaces.

CHiPs deployed 10 TACNET-equipped patrol cars across California during feasibility testing. Forty additional vehicles were outfitted in September, and more are expected to follow in the first quarter of 2005.

One of next year's CHP builds will focus on patrol supervisor cars equipped with multiple radios, all controlled through the TACNET system, providing cross-band repeat and simulcast features. The Boston Police Department is currently field-testing the cross-band repeater capability, linking up to five different radios. Visteon says TACNET can receive radio transmissions, mix the signals, prioritize them, then play the signals on specific vehicle speakers to aid identification. It can mute other signals when a priority transmission occurs.

Future TACNET deployments may include motorcycles, and the addition of an automated citation system, according to Visteon.

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