Power Electronics

TTAutomotive joins FlexRay Consortium

TTAutomotive, a subsidiary of TTTech, which developed Time-Triggered Architecture--an alternative to the FlexRay protocol--has joined the FlexRay Consortium as a development member. It will provide development tools, middleware and prototyping hardware for FlexRay, as well as services and engineering support for customer projects.

“We are expecting a fruitful cooperation with the TTTech subsidiary to support FlexRay as the standard automotive solution in the field of time-triggered technology,” said Dr. Günter Reichart, director of system design/architecture at BMW, speaking for the FlexRay Consortium.

While TTAutomotive will be the FlexRay development partner for the automotive industry, the parent company, TTTech, will continue focusing on further development and commercialization of Time-Triggered Technology and TTP products, especially in markets where safety issues are mandated.

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