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TRW unveils second-generation active suspension system

TRW Automotive has unveiled ADC 2, its second-generation active dynamic control suspension system for mid-range to luxury vehicles.

Dr. Alois Seewald, global director research and development, steering & suspension, said the technology helps to resolve the conflict between ride comfort and handling by replacing the rigid drop links at one end of a stabilizer bar end with a hydraulic actuator that is controlled by an electrohydraulic control unit (EHCU). The EHCU receives information about driving conditions from sensors. He noted that the EHCU was developed from “proven braking technology” while the actuator is based on a system used for hydraulic steering.

Dr. Seewald said the ADC1 system has one active stabilizer bar and supports only one axle. It controls a vehicle’s lateral dynamics by adjusting the roll moment distribution to the actual driving condition. “Expanding the ADC1 system with an additional actuator on the second axle attached to the same hydraulic circuit creates the TRW active roll control (ARC) system, for body roll compensation with no controlled effect on the lateral dynamics of the vehicle.”

ADC 2 combines the lateral dynamic control capabilities of the ADC 1 with the body roll control functions of the ARC system. It controls front and rear hydraulic circuits independently.

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