Power Electronics

TI processor integrates SMSC's MediaLB interface for MOST infotainment

The newest processor in Texas Instruments’ OMAP family integrates Standard Microsystems Corporation’s MediaLB communication bus for interfacing to Media Oriented System Transport (MOST) multimedia networks. The processor targets automotive infotainment products including digital media and hard disk drive-based head units.

The processor features USB 2.0-compliant full-speed host, client and On-The-Go ports; a secure digital (SD) memory card interface; an integrated LCD controller with on-chip frame buffer; a hardware ATA interface; an on-chip 10-channel, 10-bit A/D converter, and an ADC controller for supporting system-level functions such as monitoring radio signal strength or interfacing to low-cost gyroscopes. A digital audio routing engine (DARtE) provides the interconnection between the MediaLB interface, up to six I2S digital audio ports, and TI’s digital signal processor.

It’s said to perform multiple channels of hardware mixing, sample rate conversion, framing and scheduling of audio streams, offloading up to 100 MHz of DSP bandwidth and simplifying the management of multiple audio streams.

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