Power Electronics

Technology allows hybrid owners to “fuel” from a home electrical outlet

EDrive Systems LLC, a consortium of vehicle technology companies, has developed technology that enables hybrid vehicles to be plugged in and charged by a conventional three-prong, 110 V home electrical outlet.

EDrive demonstrated the technology in a Toyota Prius. According to Greg Hanssen, chief engineer of the EnergyCS development team that led the project, an EDrive-equipped vehicle combining gasoline power and electricity from a home recharge can average 100 mpg to 150 mpg for approximately the first 60 miles of the day compared with 40 mpg to 55 mpg for a conventional Prius. The vehicle can also run in “electric-only” mode.

Hanssen said EDrive technology, for aftermarket installation, uses one-half to one-third the gasoline used by a conventional hybrid.

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