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SMaL points camera for automotive vision

SMaL Camera Technologies has introduced a camera (A100) for automotive vision applications including occupant protection, collision intervention, night vision and lane departure warning. President and CEO Maurizio Arienzo says SMaL has a Tier 1 customer for the device.

Based on proprietary adaptive wide dynamic range technology called Autobrite, the ACM100 is designed to provide superior image quality in any lighting condition, according to the company. Its dynamic range is up to 120 dB, which is 500 times greater than possible with standard CMOS or CCD technologies. Arienzo says high near-infrared (IR) sensitivity and exceptional low light sensitivity enhance data capture at night.

The ACM100 includes a SMaL VGA 1/3-inch monochrome CMOS imager, 12-bit image correction, region-of-interest exposure control, strobe synchronization, and post-processing capabilities.

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