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Siemens VDO developing modular system for hybrid drives

Based on forecasts of a tenfold increase in hybrid drive vehicles, to 1.8 million, within three years, Siemens VDO is working on modular technology that will offer a range of power output from 5 kW to 75 kW.

Hybrid drive vehicles combine a combustion engine with an electric motor for improved driving dynamics and comfort with simultaneous reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With powerful electric drives and corresponding energy storage devices, vehicles can cover longer distances without relying on combustion engines, further reducing exhaust gases.

Siemens technology includes electrical machines for specific start-stop systems, and integrated starter generators, including control modules and high-performance electronics.

In 2002 the firm developed an integrated starter generator (ISG) to the series production stage.

Electric drives are either integrated with the engine’s belt drive in place of the generator or directly coupled to the crankshaft. The latter solution, called a “micro” or “mild” hybrid (mybrid), combines the combustion engine with an electric motor that can deliver a start-stop function, recover energy through regenerative braking, and increase torque during acceleration.

In addition to a mybrid drive system, Siemens has developed hybrids with up to 10kW of additional electric power. Preliminary indications are that a modular system for hybrid drives could be available in 2008.

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