Power Electronics

Sensor signal processor IC cuts development time

Sensor Platforms Inc. has introduced a sensor signal conditioning IC that can work with multiple resistive, capacitive, inductive, voltage and pulsed sensor elements.

The SSP1492 includes a high-speed pipelined 8051 microcontroller core and up to 15 sensor input channels, supporting flexible multisensor configurations, including collaborative processing of multiple mixed sensor inputs.

The chip also features two hardware math engines; a software floating-point engine for high-order output linearization and temperature compensation; a band-gap voltage regulator for power source stability; an SPI/I2C serial data communication protocol for interfacing to a host processor; an onboard RC oscillator with an external clock option for high-accuracy applications; data EEPROM for non-volatile storage of factory calibration coefficients and user settings, and user-customizable firmware memory space.

Sensor Platforms president and CEO George Hsu said the new chip offers “ASIC performance at standard part prices and with immediate availability.” He added that it could reduce application development time by up to 90%, eliminate non-recurring engineering costs and improve sensor performance with up to 24-bit resolution." Devices are available as 4.3 mm x 4.3 mm square bare die, in 80-pin ball grid array (BGA), as well as in 80-pin quad-flat package (QFP).

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